Was Jalen Rose’s prediction for the Brooklyn Nets next year spot on?

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It’s every fan’s favorite thing to do in the offseason, predict how next year will play out. Jalen Rose had some “hot” takes regarding the Brooklyn Nets, but does he have a point?

Hello, Brooklyn Nets faithful, welcome to the dryest patch of the calendar year for basketball purists. The draft is over, free agency frenzy captivated us for a bit but is all but over at this point, summer league came and went, and now we’re waiting for preseason festivities and eventually the regular season. There’s not much excitement or many eye-popping things occurring right now. Luckily, sports media never fails to give us talking points.

Within the last week or so, Jalen Rose was given the task of charting out the standings in both the Eastern and Western Conference.

In the first video in which Jalen Rose speaks on seeding, he’s a little less of a braveheart and more generous with his take. He believes the Nets maintain last year’s status quo, with a mirroring record and with them once again finishing with the 6th seed.

Around that same time, on his show, Jalen and Jacoby, Jalen Rose spoke on the new-look Brooklyn Nets. In this clip, at around the 3:35 mark, Jalen Rose says the Nets will be about a 7th or 8th seed, hover around .500, and have a record that takes a step back from last year’s 42-40 Nets.

Now between the two links, there are certain aspects of his takes I agree with and don’t agree with. But let’s look at what the Nets have and why their seeding, according to Jalen Rose, is inaccurate.

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