Brooklyn Nets: Defining Success in 2019-2020

With Kevin Durant being injured and likely missing the entirety of the upcoming season, it goes without say that the national media has written off the Brooklyn Nets. So, what would determine a successful season?

While there’s likely very few people out there who reckon the Brooklyn Nets have a legitimate shot at winning an NBA Championship this season, it’s fair to assert that the lack of any narrative surrounding the team is a bit unjust. The same team who added a consensus top three point guard in the league (Kyrie Irving) to a supporting cast that’s among the most underrated in the league is presumed to win around 41 games? Got it.

The ceiling for the Brooklyn Nets is undefined, as there are several variables that could come into play as the season progresses that would determine the remaining course of the year. The biggest one by far, is the status of Kevin Durant coming off of his Achilles injury.

Though it’s been widely assumed that he will miss the entirety of the 2019-2020 season, Kevin has been photographed walking around without crutches, or any apparatus to assist him while he walks. This is obviously a huge development for Brooklyn Nets fans as it means his rehabilitation is possibly ahead of schedule. This means that if he’s able to return in March or April, even if he’s only around 80 percent of the healthy iteration of Kevin Durant, the expectations would likely increase.

However, if we’re assuming he’s out for the season, and for all intents and purposes he likely is, then what are the regular season expectations?

The recent suspension of Wilson Chandler is a significant  blow to the Brooklyn Nets forward rotation that will likely need to be addressed, as Wilson was expected to play a majority of his minutes at power forward, where the Nets run thin.

This is a slight blow to a second unit that was among the most underrated in the league. The Brooklyn Nets will need to see a significant increase in production from Rodions Kurucs and Taurean Prince for the first quarter of the season.

As long as the Brooklyn Nets continue to play their own game on offense and operate on high pick and rolls and get up perimeter shots at a high volume, expect an improved record from last season barring any significant injuries.

Do not be surprised when this Brooklyn Nets roster achieves a 50 win season. It’ll be the perfect prelude for the championships to come.