Nets hoping to meet Boozer today.


Nets managment has had a busy morning. Today’s goal, figure out how to get Avery Johnson, who happens to be in Orlando, to meet up with Carlos Boozer in Miami, to discuss the possibilities of Boozer joining the Nets. With everyone outside of Lebron’s inner circle, totally unaware of his future plans, Jersey is in serious need of a move, any move, especially with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh off the market. Maybe Prokorav knows something we don’t, after all he DID “predict” the two stars to end up in Miami together. With Stoudamire signed long-term in New York, Boozer seems to be the last sought after player aside from James. I’m no Ms.Cleo, but frantically trying to sign Carlos boozer 24 hours before the King makes his announcement could be a huge sign.

The way I see it, this could go one of two ways. If the Nets do sign Boozer, assuming Lebron hasnt decided yet, it’s a great move to court him. Now, on the other hand, if Lebron doesn’t sign with us, and Jersey does still get Boozer, it’s still a great move, first off, because Boozer is and elite level forward who will make a nightly impact right away, also, with all the big names moving this year, the Nets will have more cap room than most teams, and a year of experience with a new system under Johnson, to lure Carmelo Anthony to Newark. I’d be lying if I said getting Lebron isn’t a concern, but Melo isn’t to shabby either.