Nets impress in summer league.


With the majority of attention on free agent signings, the dominance by the Nets in summer league play in Orlando is being overshadowed. After dropping there first game, they went on to win by 10 against the Pacers. Led by under-rated Terrence Williams,(playing PG by the way) who went 24-7-7, the Nets are showing the rest of the league that they’re young talent is a force to be reckoned with. Alongside Williams, Rookies Derrick Favors and Damien James, also made key plays and contributed to the teams victory. James was dominant under the boards, grabbing 11 rebounds, and Favors proved his low-post skills by putting up 12 pts.  Between free agent signings, and the recent draft, Jersey is looking to have a turn around season, and what I think will be a solid playoff run.