An Outlaw comes to Newark


Finally Jersey made a move that actually brought a player to our team.  Early this morning the Nets signed F Travis Outlaw to a 5 yr deal worth a grand total of 35 million.  The former Clipper averaged 9.1 pts and 3.6 boards last season in LA.  Outlaw makes the cross country trip and brings with him not only a title of being 1st overall pick in the 2007 NBA draft, but a solid shooting touch.  He also led the Trailblazers in scoring twice early in his career.

Given New Jersey’s current roster, Outlaw looks to be a great pickup, who should be able to add a much needed presence from mid range.  He’ll be a solid contributor in place of Yi jianlian who was traded to the Wizards recently in order to create cap space.

Alright now here’s the confusing part, we got rid of not only Yi, but CDR, to clear caproom for Lebron, right? Im passed the point of getting impatient with the lack of aggression shown by Jersey to go after big names.  Todays news about Travis Outlaw was basically a much needed dose of Prozac.  The part that gets to me is that NJ was first to meet basically every elite free agent, and than seemed to sit back and watch as they all got signed to other teams.  Given the chance that they all had a destination in mind already, that’s understandable, but i refuse to believe  Prokorov, Johnson and Jay-Z (for what its worth) couldn’t lure at least one of the big 5 to the Nets.  As pleased as I am with the signing of Travis Outlaw, It’s just not at all what the upper management had been hinting towards for the past 2 seasons.

On the other hand, they say silence is golden.  With all the speculation that Lebron leaked fake info to see who would spread the rumors, It wouldnt be to far-fetched to think that He’s coming to New Jersey, being the reason for the lack of news coming out of Newark regarding the King. With that said, its about 6 pm here in NJ, leaving us 3 hours until “The Decision”, so I ask YOU Nets Nation, Cross your fingers, your toes, rub your rabbits foot, rub a bald guys head, i could care less what you do, as long as your trying to get a little good luck out of it. See you guys again this evening.