Let’s talk free agents.


With the big 3, or 4, or 5, or however big you considered this summers elite free agent group, all signed, there are still a handful of very valuable players on the market.  There’s a some choices out there, alot of teams seem hesitant to get older,but with the such a young roster as the Nets have, some veteran presence would be great.  Don’t get me wrong, Jordan Farmar is jsut that, but I’m talking real, BIG, veteran players. That’s right, I’m saying let’s bring the big man to Jersey for the last 2 years of hs career, SHAQSTRODOMOUS.  It’s almost like itwas meant to be.  We need a big name, that of Shaq O’niel doesn’t get any bigger. He’s passed the point of his carreer where he’s going to play 30 minutes a game, let alonedemand to start. And here’s the kicker, He’se a Newark-boy born and raised.

So here’s the scene i’ll paint for you, the Nets are going to be in Newark for hte next 2 years, atleast, The Diesel wants a 2 year contract, MAYBE 3,  whynot finish your career where it all began big man? We don’t neccasarily need the help at center, but with Yi gone, bringing Shaq in down low while Brook Lopez gets a rest will be quite a wrench in the gears of any team trying to get a decent low-post matchup against the Nets.

Next we have RJ, Richard Jefferson AKA Captain Coldfeet.  Hes’ been here before, when we were at our best, he knows what it takes, he can vouch for the organizaton to the younger players.  By turning down his 15 million dollar salary this upcoming season, it’s obvious that RJ is hungry for a payday, and the fact that he left the Spurs doesnt really shed to much light on whether or not he even wants to be on a contending team.  I know, obviously everyone wants to be, but show me 5 other guys that will turn down 15 mill from the Spurs on a one year deal, exactly.

Although Jersey has a decent team to floor at the moment, how far will that go? Playoffs? If so, which round, how many games?  Fact of the matter is, we need some help, a big name, someone to not only put up some points, but put fans in the seats of this new arena whenever that happens to be built.  With that said, locking up a big now now, whether its through trade or free agency, is a must in order to the Nets to make any kind of progress.