Brook Lopez: The best there is…?


With all of the talk buzzing around the Nets lately, ya know, trading for a “core” player, bringing in Carmelo, CP3, even Andre Igudala, it’s all nonsense in my opinion.  If you ask me the Nets are wasting there own time looking for a franchise player when they have one already, and he’s kind of hard to miss.  7’1 Center Brook Lopez, coming out of Stanford, was Jerseys best player by far last season, in which he produced all-star numbers, one category being the scoring leader of all centers in the NBA.  Let’s think, who were the last second year  big men to lead centers in scoring? (Shaq and Alonzo Mourning) So I think it’s safe to say that Lopez is in very good company, and on his way to being the top center in the League.

Now before everyone gets there panties in a bunch and shouts Pau’s name and Dwights Howard, and blah blah, let’s look at some numbers shall we?

Munch on these numbers a bit.

Brook Lopez:  18.8 PPG — 8.6 RPG — 2.3APG — 1.8 BPG

Dwight Howard:  18.3  PPG — 13.2 RPG — 1.2 APG –2.8 BPG

Pau Gasol:  18.3 PPG — 11.3 RPG — 1.7 BPG

Now with those numbers laid out, Howard looks to be the hands down top center, however, when you factor in Dwights FT percentage (.592) and put it up against Brook’s (.817), I’d about you but I’m taking the center that can make his free throws, and still handle business in the paint.  Although Howard may come off a little more intimidating to opposing players, (nobody likes being elbowed, am i right?) Lopez has a higher scoring average from the floor, and hits almost double the amount of FT that Howard does.

If you ask me, forget about trading away our crucial sixth man in T-will, or our starting all-star guard in Devon Harris (seriously), We just got Anthony Morrow to hit the 3-ball, and Jordan Farmar to distribute and also make the occasional long ball in the clutch.  Brook may not be the flashiest or the most vocal big man in the NBA, but I said it once and I’ll say it again, Brook Lopez is the NBA’s best center, so pay attention this year my friends.