Welcome Everybody!


Hi everyone! My name is Eric and I will now be the lead writer at “From Russia with Dunk” from here on out. Just to give you a bit of background about myself I am college student at the University of Maryland, been a Nets fan since the wee age of seven, and am currently unemployed (save for this).

So what can you expect from this website? Well I promise that I’ll provide my opinion on the day to day operations of the New Jersey nets. Unfortunately this is the off season so I’ll have little to write about. Fortunately the chances of a lockout a very high so I’ll have a lot to write about; about there being very little to write about. For the immediate future I will probably focus on draft and general league news.

So welcome to the off season! I know you’ve been here for a while but off season for this blog begins today. I’m looking forward to writing for this site and I hope you enjoy it.

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