Meet the Nets! Jordan Farmar


Allow me to introduce the first of (what I hope will be) our multiple features. Meet the Nets! I’m certain that all of you know the players on the roster already but since we’re starting this blog from scratch I feel it’s best to go through all the players and discuss them. We’re gonna go in alphabetical order because that’s the way they’re listed on ESPN. Farmar is first.

Name: Jordan Farmar

Measurables: 6 feet 2 inches/ 180 Pounds

Age: 24

Season Averages: 9.6 Pts 5.0 Assists 2.3 Rebounds .1 Blocks .8 Steals 1.9 TO’s

Contract Details: Completed year one of a three year deal worth $12 Million

Analysis: Two major points to make about Farmar. The first is that he absolutely is in the right role for him. The guy is a backup point guard, but a good backup point guard, as evidenced by the fact the Lakers won a championship with him serving behind Fisher. If Farmar was ever going to be a starter he would have beaten out Devin Harris earlier in the year.

The second and better point is that Farmar played pretty well down the stretch for the team. From March 20th on, when he got at least 20 minutes per game due to Deron Williams injury, Farmar averaged 10.4 points, 3.4 rebounds, and 8.6 assists. Solid numbers but the Nets went 1-6 in those last 7 games.

The point I’m trying to make is one that we all already knew. Farmar is a solid player but is by no means essential. He can at times take too many three point shots (.359 on 304 attempts) but as his playoff performance with the Lakers showed he can get better when it matters. Farmar’s a good backup. I vote for the Nets to keep his contract after it expires, but only for the shore money. We don’t want another Travis Outlaw on our hands.

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