Meet the Nets! Dan Gadzuric, Sundiata Gaines, and Stephen Graham


My apologies for the lack of a post yesterday. Things were busy on my front. Today we’re continuing the “Meet the Nets!” series with Dan Gadzuric, Sundiata Gaines, and Stephen Graham, three players whose last names all begin with G’s and are not important enough to warrant an entire post.

Name: Dan Gadzuric

Measurables: 6′ 11″, 240 lbs

Age: 33

Season Averages: 2.8 Pts .3 Assists 3.2 Rebounds .7 Blocks .3 Steals .7 TO’s (Note: Not all games played with NJ Nets)

Contract Details: Earned 7.5 million from the final year of a multi year of a 6 year deal (signed in 2005 by the Milwaukee Bucks)

Name: Sundiata Gaines

Measurables: 6′ 1″, 200 lbs

Age: 25

Season Averages: 4.6 Pts 1.8 Assists 1.6 Rebounds 0.0 Blocks .7 Steals 1.1 TO’s (Note: Not all games played with NJ Nets)

Contract Details: Completed year one of a two year deal where he will earn the veterans minimum.

Name: Stephen Graham

Measurables: 6′ 6″, 215 lbs

Age: 28

Season Averages: 3.4 Pts .7 Assists 2.1 Rebounds 0.0 Blocks .2 Steals .6 TO’s

Contract Details: Completed year one of a two year deal (no details could be found regarding the monetary amount)

Gadzuric and Gaines were both acquisitions made during the season. Gadzuric was a part of the deal that sent Troy Murphy to Golden State and Gaines was picked up off the waivers after being released by both Toronto and Minnesota. Gadzuric did not see a lot of playing time after coming to NJ. He only saw action in 6 games after being acquired in late February. However, he saw action in every game in March, averaging 15 minutes per game due to injuries. His play though was nothing to write home about as he averaged less than 5 points and rebounds while seeing a solid amount of action. I don’t expect Gadzuric to be with the Nets next season unless they get desperate and sign him for the league minimum.

Gaines on the other hand playing two back to back ten day contacts into a two year deal. He followed up his contract by getting injured and missing the rest of the year. He played pretty well prior to the injury though, especially his big performance against Indiana where he put up a season high 18 points. He’s a decent backup guard, he’s young, and he’ll be making the league minimum so there is little risk involved with Gaines.

Graham is a journeyman who didn’t see a ton of action. When he did see action his performances were far from inspiring. The Nets signed him on the cheap and he’s nothing more than a bench player but I doubt we see his contract renewed after next season.

Yep. Two pretty damn boring posts. On the bright side the next player up is Kris Humphries who I have a lot to say about and who recently had some big news.

One last note. Don’t expect a post from me tomorrow. I’ll be doing the most New Jersey thing ever and going down to the shore for Memorial Day Weekend. I don’t know if I’m excited or terrified.