Meet the Nets! Damion James


Name: Damion James

Measurables: 6′ 7″, 220 lbs

Age: 23

Season Averages: 4.4 Pts 3.4 Assists .8 Rebounds .5 Blocks .6 Steals 1.0 TO’s

Contract Details: Completed the first year of a two year deal worth $8.57 million. The team has options for a third and fourth year.

It’s way to early to make a judgement call on Damion James. Despite being very durable throughout high school and college, James had a lot of trouble staying on the floor with the Nets. He broke his foot against the Mavs on December 9th, and re-injured the same foot prior to the March 21st game against the Pacers. James missed 34 games after the first injury and missed the rest of the season after the second one. In addition, he missed three games due to a concussion.

Now one season does not make a player “injury prone”, especially a player who had a very good injury record prior to it. Also, the jump from college to NBA is a huge demand physically and mentally on players. I’m not very concerned. However, that foot is going to be something to watch for the immediate future.

On the court James showed some promise with limited playing time. His biggest moment probably came against the Hawks when he scored a season high of ten points. He’s young so there is plenty of time to improve. The biggest thing with James is he needs to see the court. With an entire off-season to rest James should be good to go at the start. Until then, the jury’s still out.