What other people are saying about the 27th overall pick.


I have a minor confession to make. I’m very very ill-informed about the upcoming draft. Now, I have watched a ton of college basketball, so I know almost all of these players, but I’m unfamiliar with the NBA prospects of anyone, save for Kyrie Irving and Jimmer Fredette. I now however have an incentive to become informed; this blog. So, I present to you the start of From Russia with Dunk’s sham of a draft preview. Today I’ll keep it basic. I’m going to go to multiple NBA mock drafts and see who they have the Nets taking at 27 (as you probably know the Nets trade their original pick to the Jazz in the Deron Williams trade. That pick became the third overall pick. Neither Brandon Knight nor Enes Kanter will be as good as Deron Williams).

NBA Mock Draft.net- Josh Selby PG/SG Kansas

Rotoworld- Charles Jenkins G Hofstra

Sports Illustrated- Nolan Smith PG/SG

CBS Sports (Matt Moore)- Kyle Singler SF Duke

CBS Sports (Dave Del Grande)- JaJuan Johnson PF Purdue

Fox Sports- Josh Selby PG Kansas

HoopsHype- Josh Selby PG Kansas

USA Today- Klay Thompson G Washington State

SB Nation- JaJuan Johnson PF Purdue

Sporting News- Tobias Harris F Tennessee.

(Note: I don’t have ESPN insider. I have no plans to pay for ESPN insider. Hence Chad Ford’s absence)

A pretty good sampling of mock drafts! Obviously I’ll look at some more and let you know if I come across anything interesting. My take? A surprising amount of drafts with the Nets taking a guard, despite already having Deron Williams (though the absence of a great 2 guard and the belief of never having too many guards explains that). Just looking at the list, I would be very happy with Josh Shelby or JaJuan Johnson. Obviously, more to come on this issue.