Better Know a Draft Prospect: JaJuan Johnson


Before we begin, I apologize for the lack of posts in recent days. I’ve been busy with work (yes I’ve become employed since the start of this blog) and busy with other things (I saw Curren$y for example). However, it is way too hot to go outside and I’m 100% free today. I’m promising two posts today, and maybe a third. Onto JaJuan Johnson.

Name: JaJuan Johnson

Position: PF/C

Measurables: 6’10” 221 lbs

College: Purdue

After Robbie Humel re-injured his ACL and missed the entire season, JaJuan Johnson was forced to be the leader for a Purdue team that planned to rely heavily on Humel. Johnson responded by leading the Big 10 in scoring with 20.5 PPG, and posting new highs in rebounds and assists per game (8.6 and 1.0 respectively). He also won Big Ten Player of the Year, the Pete Newell Big Man Award, and was named a Consensus First Team All American.

Despite the accolades, there are still some holes in his game. The biggest concern scouts have is his size. He’s is a fairly thin guy for someone 6’10” and could have problems dealing with bigger players on both the offensive and defensive sides. His post game lacks a lot of diversity, he rarely uses his left hand, but he has added more moves every year at Purdue.

The good thing about Johnson is that he’s improved every year at Purdue. His scoring averages have increased every year, and the way he conducted himself on the court last year suggested a level of maturity. He’s a good defender and a solid athlete too. Also, his range has improved, and he’s starting to develop a three point shot.

With Humphries and Lopez, power forward and center are not the greatest areas of need for the Nets. However, you can’t go wrong with more size. Johnson would be able to act as a good contributor off the bench, especially in his rookie season. He has the skill set to be a solid contributor in this league, the only question is the size. Unfortunately, that’s something you can’t teach.

Here’s a link to JaJuan Jounson’s mixtape which predictably uses “Black and Yellow” as the song. I’m still surprised Wiz Khalifa didn’t show up at Curren$y. Oh well.