Meet the Nets! Anthony Morrow


NO HE IS NOT RELATED! Sorry for the all caps. Just wanted to clarify it before anyone asked it. If I posted a picture (which I have no plans of doing) you would be able to tell that I am white and he is black, I did want to buy his jersey though, if only for comedic effect. Onto the player.

Name: Anthony Morrow

Measurables: 6′ 5″, 210 lbs

Age: 25

Season Averages: 13.2 Pts 2.9 Assists 1.2 Rebounds .1 Blocks .3 Steals .9 TO’s

Contract details: Completed year one of a three year deal worth 12 million

Does the fact that I gave Anthony Morrow his own post because we share the same last name make me a bad blogger (No. The infrequent posting does). To be totally honest, his impact this year does not warrant an entire post. This isn’t to say he had a bad season, but the improvement you would have liked to have seen with a bigger role never occurred.  averaging numbers very similar to what he averaged in his two years at Golden State.

Morrow’s “claim to fame” is he is one of the best shooters in the league. He shot .423 from behind the three point line, good enough for 10th in the league. However, shooting is really the only thing Morrow does well. He does not bring a lot to the table in terms of rebounding and passing, and his defense is ok.

Morrow is a good shooter, but not much else. He can make for an excellent role player, but does not do enough to be a starting shooting guard. I like having him on the Nets because we share the same last name, but he is by no means essential.