Better Know a Drat Prospect: Kyle Singler


Name: Kyle Singler

Position: SF/PF

Measurables: 6’8” 230 lbs

College: Duke

Kyle Singler and Nolan Smith have a lot more in common than just being teammates at Duke. They both had very strong senior seasons, and share a lot of the same basketball strengths and weaknesses. Neither of these players are exceptionally good, but they both have the ability to make an NBA roster.

As mentioned before, Singler had a good year, averaging 16.8 PPG and 6.8 RPG and playing a key role on last years ACC champion Duke team. I saw Singler in person and did walk away impressed, but by no means as impressed as I was with Smith. Singler lacked the explosiveness the Smith provided, and functioned more as a role player. Still, having watched him multiple times, Singler is the type of player than can have a quiet but important impact on the game.

The biggest strength for Singler is his basketball IQ. He’s played four years at the college level, and has matured greatly in that time. Singler also has a proven track record of winning, having had success in all four years at Duke. He also is a very good spot up shooter. Singler’s biggest weakness is his lack of his athleticism. He does not have the explosiveness to beat players off the dribble at the professional level. There are also concerns that his lack of athleticism will limit him defensively.

All that said, I believe that Singler is both a better draft prospect and a better with fit with the Nets than Smith for two reasons. One, he can play small forward, a bigger position of need for the Nets than guard. Two, it’s easier to succeed without athleticism as a big man than a guard. He wasn’t as explosive as Smith, but he can do enough other things on the court that it doesn’t kill him. Still, I won’t be doing back flips if the Nets are on the clock and he’s the best player available. His ceiling is “role player” and there are concerns about his defensive game. Singler is a good basketball player, and will make an NBA roster, but to expect him to have an impact in this league is too much.