Better Know a Draft Prospect: Tyler Honeycutt


Name: Tyler Honeycutt

Position: SG/SF

Measurables: 6’8” 187 lbs

College: UCLA

Allow me to start this post with a brief disclaimer. The Nets probably will not get the chance to select Tyler Honeycutt. Honeycutt has been selected before the 27th pick in nearly every mock I’ve read (and I’ve read a fair amount). Truth be told, I knew very little about Honeycutt prior to writing this post. So why I am i taking the time to write a profile on a player who probably will not be on the board when the Nets pick? There are two reasons. One, my brother insisted I do post on Honeycutt, and two, he would be an absolute perfect fit on this team.

I know, that second point was an outlandish statement to make, especially considering the year he just had at UCLA. For those who don’t know, Honeycutt averaged 12.8 PPG, 2.8 RPG, and 7.2 APG. Those aren’t terrible numbers, but they’re below expectations for everyone who had Honeycutt pegged for a major statistics jump this year. Those numbers aren’t scaring me for three reasons. Honeycutt injured his sholder, which certainly played a role in his averages, UCLA suffered from shaky point guard play all season long, and Ben Howland’s system is not favorable to wing players.

Once you look past Honeycutt’s college performance and check out his skill set, you discover there is a lot to like about him. He’s very versatile at the SF and SG spots, with abilities that complement each of those positions. Honeycutt is a very good passer, a smart off the ball player, and has a solid jump shot. His athletic ability is also NBA caliber. Honeycutt is a tough player too. Despite injuring his shoulder, as mentioned above, he only missed one game last year. And just to make him more desirable, he’s a good rebounder, great defender, and excellent shot blocker.

However, Tyler Honeycutt is likely a late first round pick for a reason. He has a very slender frame, measuring at 187 pounds despite being 6’8″. His ball handling skills are also questionable, and has dificulty creating his own shot and limiting turnovers. He also was not as efficient a shooter this year, dropping his FG percentage down from .496 to .406. Also, he has an injury history that you don’t want to see on a young player.

Tyler Honeycutt would be a welcome addition to the Nets because he brings depth and talent to the two areas that are the biggest need for this team, SF and SG. He can do things at this position that the Nets sorely need. I know I have said this for nearly every draft pick, but playing next to a point guard like Deron Williams would be extremely valuable for Honeycutt. He didn’t have great point guards in college, but would have the chance to play next to an all-pro in Williams. With better players on his team, he could flourish in a third/fourth banana role. I really really want Tyler Honeycutt on the Nets, but he’s very likely to go a couple of spots before the Nets get a chance to grab him.

Link to pre-draft workout and video.