Meet the Nets! Jordan Williams


We continue to look at the Nets selections from the 2011 draft. Up next is Jordan Williams, a player I am very very familiar with.

Name: Jordan Williams

Position: PF/C

Measurables: 6′ 9″, 247 lbs

Age: 20

2010-2011 Season Averages(Sophomore year in college): 16.9 Points 0.6 Assists 11.8 Rebounds 1.7 Blocks .4 Steals 1.6 TO’s

I don’t know you if you follow me on twitter (you totally should: @ericmorrow11) but on draft night I sent out a tweet that perfectly captures how I feel about Jordan Williams being drafted by the Nets.

….Well this awkward

It’s was awkward for two reasons. One, I just sent out a tweet minutes before he drafted saying he was destined for Italy, a prediction that may still come true. Two, Jordan Williams’ actions during the draft process haven’t exactly endeared him to Maryland fans. He dropped a lot of weight and got in shape, something he could have actually done during the basketball season. I was looking forward to see him drafted and forgetting about him right after. Alas, Jordan Williams is a Net and I must root for him due to my loyalty to the Nets and Terrapins.

Despite my “destined for Italy” proclamation, Jordan Williams has some skills. He is an elite rebounder, averaging double digit rebounds this season. In fact, Williams set a Maryland record for consecutive double-doubles with 13 straight. Williams has excellent hands, as evidenced by his high rebound totals and ability to catch the ball in the paint. He also has a good set on back to the basket moves and a soft touch on layups. Williams also has made improvements in each of the last two seasons and definitely has room to grow.

However, Jordan Williams falls into the classic trap of being a “tweener”. While he is listed as 6′ 9″, he is not a true 6′ 9″ and will probably have to play the PF position in the NBA. Unfortunately, Williams has operated exclusively near or in the paint the better part of the last two years. Except for a few jump shots made here and there, we haven’t seen enough to suggest he has an NBA quality facing the basket game. His jump shot is extremely inconsistent, and his free throw shooting is very bad (though it did start to come along at the end of the year). Williams is not extremely athletic and isn’t able to create his own shot. He also is not as long as you would hope some one his size is. Lastly, I have a concern about his effort. I watched nearly every Maryland basketball game and it just seemed like Jordan Williams quit down the stretch.

Jordan Williams should feel extremely fortunate he was drafted by the Nets because there is definitely some room for front-court depth.  His main competitors for playing time seem to be Brandan Wright, Johan Petro, and Dan Gadzuric. Neither of these players are incredibly terrible (ok, maybe Gadzuric) but it’s not crazy to imagine Jordan Williams making the roster over one of these guys (contract issues non withstanding). Williams has two factors going against him, his height (all three are taller and longer than him) and the likely absence of a summer league. It won’t be easy for Jordan to make the roster, but it’s not out of the question. If he can make the team, translating him game to the NBA becomes the big question.