That Darn Lockout


So that happened. It’s not like this lockout is surprising, we’ve had good reason to suspect it was coming for a long time, but the prospect of a winter without basketball has never been more realistic. Those coming here for smart analysis or discussion about the CBA and the lockout have come to wrong place. My knowledge of these subjects is limited, but I promise you I will do the research and eventually figure out what the heck is going on.

In the mean time I invite you check out the Nets official website ( The top stories on the website are auditions to be a Nets dancer, a seating guide to the Barclays Center, an advertisement for Nets group experiences, and Avery Johnson throwing out the first pitch at a Brooklyn Cyclones game. There is not an image of a player to be found on the site. In fact, if you’re to click on a players name to visit their profile, you’re whisked away to the NBA front page. It doesn’t take an expert to tell that this lockout will not go away anytime soon.

Don’t worry though. You can always watch Wimbledon, the women’s World Cup, or even baseball if you’re desperate.