Meet the Nets! Bojan Bogdanovic


Name: Bojan Bogdanovic

Position: SG/SF

Measurables: 6′ 8″, 216 lbs

Age: 20

2010-2011 Season Averages(Adriatic League): 18.9 Points 2.5 Assists 3.1 Rebounds 1.7 Blocks 1.3 Steals .4 TO’s

This post is somewhat a moot point. We have no idea when Bojan Bogdanovic is going to enter the NBA. He recently signed a three year deal with his Turkish club Fenerbahce, effectively ending his chances of playing in the NBA next season (assuming there is one). Bogdanovic has the option to opt out of his deal after year two, and the Nets have already stated they will try to bring him to the NBA at the end of his first year. Still, it’s likely that we won’t see Bogdanovic in the NBA for at least two years. I can write about the player he is now, but the reality is that a lot can change about a player in two years.

Bojan Bogdanovic fits the profile of a classic “all offense, no defense” player. He’s very good a creating his own shot. He has a crossover, good first step, and good body control. Because of all this, Bogdanovic has the ability to get the ball in the basket anyway possible. He also has a solid mid range game. Bogdanovic is weak on the defensive end though. He isn’t a great athlete and could easily get beat by more athletic guards or forwards. Bogdanovic is also 22, so his upside is fairly limited.

Again, this post is pointless. There is not a lot of info on Bogdanovic, and what we do know is subject to change. Still, it’s important to introduce a player that could become a Net down the line.