Marshon Brooks: The best damn thing about this lockout


All hail

Tyler The Creator

Marshon Brooks! Seriously though, Brooks looked very impressive Tuesday night during a NYC tournament game. He dropped 48 points, had five rebounds, and had an assist. Obviously that’s very good. Brooks was is supposed to be a scorer and certainly did so Tuesday. The biggest positive was that he frequently created his own shot, a valuable skill in the league. There are some reasons not to get super excited just yet though. Brooks had five turnovers, and he also cooled down toward the end of the game. However, the biggest reason not to get too excited is that this is a NYC summer game. Brooks did not play against NBA level talent (ok, Jamario Moon) and it will be a loooong time before we see Brooks drop 48 in a Nets uniform. Still, this is a performance that inspires hope. Brooks will never be Kobe Bryant (despite what Kobe sign guys says) but he can be a very productive off the bench scoring player, a big success considering the quality of the last draft.