An ESPN Roundtable had Some Very Nice Things to say About the Nets.


Due to the lockout, I’ve fallen out of the habit of looking at ESPN’s NBA page. Therefore, I didn’t know about the 5 on 5 roundtable feature ESPN was running about every team until a tweet about it came across my timeline. My reaction to the piece? 1) I’m offended I wasn’t asked to participate (just kidding) and 2) I thought the panelists were shockingly kind to the Nets. Lets run through their questions and see what they though/what I think.

1. Fact or Fiction: Deron Williams will be a Net in 2012-13.

Their answer: It was a unanimous fact, citing his positive quotes regarding the management and the direction of the team. They pretty much agreed this team was a roster move or two away from guaranteeing that Williams would stay with the Nets.

My answer: Fiction. I agree that Williams staying is dependent on improving the roster, but the team has to you…you know…improve it. The team hasn’t made any moves (Yes. I know it’s because of the lockout) so Williams has no reason to stay so far. The proper answer to this question is probably pass, since we don’t know what the team will look like when the season begins, but I’m taking the pessimistic route.

2. Fact or Fiction: Even if D-Will doesn’t stay, the trade was the right call.

Their answer: Also unanimous fact. Anytime you can grab a top-15 player, even if you’re not sure he’ll be around longer than a season and a half, you have to do it.

My answer: Strangely enough, I’m saying fact even though I’m skeptical about Williams staying past this season (If we have one). Aside from the reason above, the Deron Williams trade gave the Nets a lot of buzz. If he stayed, great, if not, they go back to where they were before. Devin Harris wasn’t working in Avery Johnson’s system and Derrick Favors looked decisively average. Even if Williams leaves, this trade will not be a franchise killer.

3. Fact or Fiction: Brooklyn and Dwight Howard belong together.

Their answer: A mix of facts and fictions. Those who say fact argue Dwight needs a change of scenery, plus he has an attitude right for the big apple. The other say he is a player who doesn’t belong anywhere.

My answer: Fiction. Dwight Howard is one of the Nets biggest targets, and rightfully so. His signing would ensure that Williams stays, plus he creates a lot of press for the team. I believe he needs a change of scenery, and Brooklyn would be a good fit, but I don’t buy into the “perfect fit” theory. Two reasons: Howard still has Los Angeles, and Brook Lopez.

4. Fact or Fiction: Brook Lopez has multiple All-Star Games in his future.

Their answer: More or less fact. He’s too talented and their aren’t a lot of great centers in the east.

My answer: Fact. He’s too young and talented not to, so long as he stays in the east. If Deron Williams stays in NJ he’ll have an elite point guard playing with him. If he leaves, he’ll be the guy on another team. Either way, he’ll make an all star team.

5. Fact or Fiction: The Nets will make the playoffs next season.

Their answer: 3 facts. 2 fictions. Those in favor say D-Will, those against cite everything else about this team.

My answer: Fiction. I already revealed my pessimistic nature before so this answer shouldn’t come as a surprise. Let’s not forget, there is still a lot of work to be done with this team. There are roster issues with Kris Humphries and Williams, we don’t know what we have in Marshon Brooks, and I just don’t think Avery Johnson is a good coach. Not to mention there’s the top six (Heat, Bulls, Knicks, Celtics, Hawks, Magic) plus the upstart Wizards and 76’ers, and Jennings’ Bucks and Granger’s Pacers. The Nets aren’t there yet, but their heading in the right direction. Right now, that might be all worth asking for.

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