Nets Look Forward to Final Stretch


Believe it or not, the NBA season has zoomed by and we are already coming to an end. The season really happened in the blink of an eye this year due to the lockout shortened season, and the Nets only have 10 games remaining. They are currently 9 1/2 games out of a playoff spot and 4 games out of getting a top 3 pick, so they are really in the middle of nowhere right now. I thought that this would be a good time to break down the remaining games in the schedule and talk about what the Nets could and should do as we head into the final stretch.

When looking at the schedule, one thing jumps out: the Nets still have SO many home games! 7 of their last 10 will be at home, and none of the road games will be in hostile, sold out environments. This means that the New Jersey Nets will never play another game in front of a sold out crowd. That is a weird thing to imagine. The next sold out crowd they will play in front of will be opening night in Brooklyn (if they can even sell that out, which they should). Now I will give a quick preview for each of the remaining games:

Wizards at Nets. April 6. 

The last time these two teams played, the Nets got blown out in New Jersey WITH Deron Williams, Gerald Wallace, and Shelden Williams in the lineup. However, they are a different team now and we should see a different result in this game. The Nets will win it. I will provide a preview for this game tomorrow.

Cavs at Nets. April 8. 

The Nets have also lost to the Cavs recently, but that was with Kyrie Irving. He will be out for at least the next few games and maybe the season now, so the Nets should be able to play better. They will win this game.

Sixers at Nets. April 10. 

We are going to be seeing way to much of Philadelphia in the last few weeks of the season. They are a pretty boring team to watch and I am not excited for any of these games. The first time they met this season, the Nets had an impressive road win in overtime. However, the Sixers are in a close playoff race and need to win against bad teams. They will win this game.

Nets at Sixers. April 13. 

See above. Sixers win.

Celtics at Nets. April 14. 

I think this will be a very competitive game. The Celtics are playing well right now, but that doesn’t mean too much because this game is over a week away. The Nets had an impressive home win over the Celtics late in the season last year, and I could see the same thing happening here. What the hell, Nets win.

Heat at Nets. April 16. 

Miami Heat>New Jersey Nets. It’s as simple as that. They are more talented, and Lebron would be embarrassed to lose to the Nets. Miami wins in a blowout.

Knicks at Nets. April 18. 

I am actually looking forward to this game. This will be like the New Jersey Nets championship. Actually, they might actually sell out this game because of Knicks fans, which will make it feel like a road game for the Nets. That is good, because they play better on the road. They will stun all the Knicks fans who took the NJ transit train across the river and the Nets will win this game.

Nets at Bucks. April 21. 

The Bucks are another one of those teams that the Nets never beat. Also, if they are still in the playoff race at this point, it will be a must-win for the Bucks. If they are not, then it is anybody’s game, but I think the Bucks will win.

Sixers at Nets. April 23. 

This will be the last NBA regular season game ever played in New Jersey. I really want to go to this game, but unfortunately I will be forced to watch it on TV. This will be an important game for Nets fans everywhere and maybe we can sell out The Rock for this game. It will also be important to show Deron Williams some love here, because it might be Nets fans’ last chance if they want to keep him. I think the Nets will lose anyway, though.

Nets at Raptors. April 26. 

Ok, honestly, who cares about this game? Absolutely nobody. It will end in a tie.

And after that game in Toronto, we will officially be the Brooklyn Nets. It is less than a month away, so get ready.