Nets vs. Washington Wizards Live Notes


The Nets will be facing the Washington Wizards tonight at home. I will provide live updates at the end of each quarter. 

First quarter: 

  • Shelden Williams is wearing protective goggles as you can see in the picture above. He will be starting the game, along with Deron, Marshon, Wallace, and The Hump.
  • Nets lead 5-0. Defense playing very well early. Shelden has been effective.
  • Marshon has 2 baskets in the first 3 minutes of the game. Maybe he will finally come out of his slump tonight.
  • Nets lead 14-5 and Washington calls timeout. The defense has been excellent so far. Marshon has been good, Humphries already has both a Hump Block and Hump Dunk, and the Nets are moving the ball well offensively. If they can keep this up, it will be a blowout.
  • Great alley-oop from Marshon to Deron off an inbounds pass. Every starter has now scored.
  • The difference between Shelden and Petro is obvious. Shelden plays much better defense and is much smarter on offense.
  • Nets win a jump ball leading to a Deron dunk. The Nets have 26 points already with over 4 minutes left in the quarter! Deron has 10.
  • End of first quarter: Nets lead 33-20. Overall, a very good quarter. Offense has been excellent, defense has been above average. The Nets cooled off a little at the end of the quarter, but I will definitely take it. Every player who has played so far has scored.

Second Quarter: 

  • Gerald Wallace has played well so far. He is drawing fouls, making good passes, taking charges, etc. He is really a complete player.
  • Anthony Morrow just drove baseline and finished for a layup. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him do that before.
  • Ok, the Nets have stopped playing defense. 10 points already for Washington in the first 3 minutes of the quarter.
  • Jordan Williams just made a Cracker (a Stephen Graham baseline shot).
  • The Nets have done a pretty nice job on the offensive glass so far.
  • Marshon just fouled a Wizard taking a 3. This might be the first time I have seen the Nets foul an opponent on a 3 this year. It was bound to happen eventually.
  • Gerald Wallace is really doing it all tonight. I think he’s already drawn 4 fouls, has 13 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, and a block. He has been the MVP so far.
  • The Nets need to do a better job of boxing out Jan Vesely and Kevin Seraphin. They already have a combined 5 offensive rebounds.
  • Marshon just finished on back-to-back fast breaks. He has 9 in the game!
  • The Nets have played well so far, especially on offense. They lead 57-43 at halftime.

Third Quarter

  • It’s official. Marshon has finally eclipsed the 10 point mark.
  • John Wall has already finished 2 alley-oops.
  • Jordan Crawford is playing a lot better this quarter for the Wizards. He did not have a good first half.
  • John Wall just tried to dunk off an inbounds pass and got fouled hard by The Hump. He was not hurt.
  • The Wizards are on an 11-2 run and have cut the Nets’ lead to 9. Marshon Brooks just appeared to be injured and was taken to the locker room. I don’t think it will be too serious and I think he will return. We will see.
  • The offense has really cooled off. Anthony Morrow saved the Nets with a 3.
  • Jordan Crawford has missed a whole lot of layups in this game.
  • Jordan Williams just made another Cracker jumper! If you don’t know what that is, Stephen Graham, a Net last year, only took jump shots from the baseline. They were in between
  • The Nets lead, 83-66 at the end of the third quarter. They seemed to play worse that quarter, but still outscored the Wizards by 3. The Wizards don’t play any defense. John Wall has 18 for Washington. The Nets have had a balanced attack with 5 guys already with 10+ points and The Hump has 8. He needs just one more basket for a Hump Double-Double.

Fourth Quarter: 

Anthony Morrow has had a very good game. He has 15 points in just 13 minutes of action so far.

The Wizards are terrible. They have had some very, very bad turnovers.

The Nets are up by 22 and seem to have this game in hand. The Wizards’ coach is making a TON of Paul Silas faces (his face is in his hands, etc.)

Marshon is running the point right now.

Jordan Williams has a career high 14 points on 7/7 from the field!!! He just finished a layup off a beautiful pass from Morrow, of all people.

GREEN MACHINE!!!!!! YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS DUNK!!!!!! Too bad it was meaningless. Here is a screen shot picture of it, but you need to see it in person. I think I will end my game notes on that play. The Nets are easily going to win this game.