Nets Vs. Philadelphia 76ers Live Notes


Tonight, the Nets will be facing the Philadelphia 76ers. I will post live updates throughout the night that can accompany you while watching the game or that you can look back on after the game is over. 

1st Quarter: 

  •  The Nets have started off very poorly offensively. An air ball for Marshon and a few turnovers. They started the game 0-7 from the field, but were only down 2-0.
  • With the Nets leading 4-2, Deron went up for a HUGE dunk, but got fouled very hard instead. He is not injured and will get 2 shots at the line.
  • Deron just made an insane 3 while getting double teamed. Nobody else in the NBA can make that shot.
  • The Hump has made consecutive long jumpers. Nets lead 12-4.
  • Shelden has butterfingers. An easy pass from Deron that would have been a layup went right through his hands.
  • Green just made a very veteran and-1 play. A shot fake followed by a shot with contact. Nice play.
  • At the end of the first quarter, the game is tied at 20. If you haven’t been watching, you really haven’t miss anything at all. Jrue Holiday leads Philly with 9. The Hump is looking for his shot and has 8 points and 5 rebounds. Deron has 6 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 assists.

Second Quarter: 

  • Surprisingly, Sundiata Gaines is starting the second quarter. I thought Avery would give Armon Johnson a shot. I guess not yet.
  • Spencer Hawes is really killing the Nets right now. Nobody can guard him and he can shoot. Also, Andre Iguodala just finished an alley-oop.
  • Sundiata just had an extremely lucky 3-point play.
  • There were just 5 turnovers in a row between the teams. I didn’t know this was Nets-Bobcats.
  • Gerald Green’s midrange jump shot is automatic.
  • Anthony Morrow is taking too many shots and not hitting many of them.
  • Iguodala just had a HUMONGOUS dunk. It was a hammer.
  • Humphries just answered Iguodala with a dunk of his own. I guess this is becoming mildly entertaining. Kind of.
  • Philadelphia is starting to pull away. Humphries and Morrow have taken too many bad shots and the Sixers are getting all the 50/50 balls. They lead by 8, their biggest lead of the game.
  • Deron has two straight very bad turnovers. He needs to be more decisive.
  • At halftime, the Nets trail 52-43. Lou Williams hit a buzzer-beating 3 (such a Nets Killer) to give Philly their biggest lead of the game. If you haven’t watched this game, you haven’t missed anything. Spencer Hawes leads Philadelphia with 11 points. Deron has 12 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 assists. He could get a triple-double. The Hump has 12 points and 5 rebounds.

3rd Quarter:

  • Marshon has had a nice start to the second half. He has two baskets, a steal, and a rebound.
  • Jodie Meeks has been awful. He’s missed wide open shots and even open layups. He finally just hit a 3.
  • J-Will had a dunk with a Gadzuric amount of authority off a pass from Deron.
  • Johan Petro recently checked into the game for the first time. He is waaay too involved in the offense.
  • Spencer Hawes is getting to the foul line at will. He’s already taken 6 foul shots in this game.
  • At the end of the third quarter, the Nets trail by 16, 84-68. The defense has been very poor the last two quarters. Petro somehow scored 8 points in the third quarter, but he is taking way too many shots. I don’t like the Nets’ chances of coming back in this game. They really miss Gerald Wallace.

4th Quarter: 

  • This game is officially over. The Nets trail 90-70. My live notes will end here as this game is over and I don’t predict anything else interesting happening tonight. Make sure to check back after the game for a full game recap.