End of Season Sale" but we know better than that, don't we? Wh..."/> End of Season Sale" but we know better than that, don't we? Wh..."/>

The Nets long awaited new colors and logo to be revealed soon


The Nets Store is having an “End of Season Sale” but we know better than that, don’t we? What they should call it is the “Hey we’re about to reveal our new logo and colors so all this junk will be obsolete so please buy it!” sale.

Nets owner and scary russian kickboxer Mikhail Prokhorov recently hinted that the new logo and colors would be revealed after the NBA Board of Directors meeting later this week. Team officials have stated that the long awaited announcement would happen by the end of the month.

The rumor mill is already flying. Nets fans have long expected the new team colors to include what has been officially dubbed “Jay-Z Blue”, seeing as how Jay-Z himself is designing the teams new look. This shade of blue is synonymous with Jay as it appears on the artwork for his Blueprint records and the Yukon Denali he designed. Oh, and I think he may have named his daughter after the color if I’m not mistaken. Can we assume someone has a slight obsession with this color? I say “yes”.

According to NetsDaily.com, there have been reports that the colors will be blue and gold, black and red, and black and white. It was unclear whether these would be three different uniform color schemes or three completely separate rumors. I would guess that these are three separate rumors because of the stark contrast between the three. Usually a teams alternate jersey still stays true to the teams official color scheme. Remember he grey jerseys?

Personally, I hope they roll with the blue and gold. If I were a betting man, that’s what I would put my money. Why? Do you know what the official colors of the city of Brooklyn are? If you guessed “Blue and gold”, then you are correct. The team is marketing  the Brooklyn brand just as much as they are marketing the team itself, so why not adopt the official Brooklyn colors for good measure? Both the “Black and white” and “Black and red” color schemes immediately make me think of two well established NBA franchises, the San Antonio Spurs and The Miami Heat, and I want The Nets to have their own identity in every sense of the word. Yes, I know that blue and gold could be intruding upon The Golden State Warriors and Indiana Pacers territory, but there is a lot more room to be creative and produce a unique look with those colors.If they used an actual gold color, much like The New Orleans Saints do, then they will instantly stand out from the pack uniform wise. Lakers fans would surely chime in here and argue that L.A. already owns the gold color in the NBA, but fortunately for the rest of us, I don’t subscribe to delusion. I am more keen on living in reality, and in reality the Lakers uniforms are purple and YELLOW! You and Steeler fans can make a pact to call it “gold” all you want, but everyone else with a functional pair of eyes will tell you that you’re rocking yellow threads, fellas. Purple and Yellow. Happy belated Easter by the way.

Well the wait is almost over and we should finally know what colors we need to get used to by the end of this week at the earliest, end of April the latest. The actual Brooklyn jerseys themselves won’t be revealed until the offseason though. So for all the true Net fans that will follow the team to Brooklyn and never forget the memories of Jersey, both good and (mostly) bad, now’s a perfect time to stock up on some soon to be retro Nets gear. I just ordered me a Brook Lopez home-white swingman jersey with a nice 30% discount. I will certainly be stockpiling as much Brooklyn gear as I can as soon as it is made available. Hopefully the Brooklyn #8 Williams jersey will be a popular seller next july. Who knows, the Brooklyn #12 Howard jersey could become available before the season too. I won’t hold my breath on that one though, and neither should you. So what do you think Nets fans? Black and white, Black and red, or blue and gold?

UPDATE: I am now hearing rumors that blue and gold will NOT be the colors. Still, it’s only a rumor at this point.