Nets vs. Philadelphia 76ers Live Notes


Tonight, your New Jersey Nets take on the Philadelphia 76ers at the Wells Fargo Center. I will post my thoughts after each quarter.

First quarter

  • Wow, the Philadelphia arena looks even more empty than the Prudential Center usual does. There is no energy at the game at all whatsoever. I don’t get it. Aren’t the 76ers fighting desperately for a playoff seed? Shouldn’t the fans care?
  • The game begins with a DeShawn Stevenson 3 point brick.
  • It’s Elton Brand 6, New Jersey Nets 0. Yikes.
  • The Nets are losing by 7 and it’s almost completely DeShawn Stevenson’s fault. He’s missed 2 ill-advised threes and 2 simple lay-ups. Why isn’t Gerald Green starting instead?
  • Nets on a 9-1 run. MarShon Brooks has been a difference maker and Kris Humphries is on fire from mid range.
  • MarShon has 7 points already! I really hope he can string together a great game tonight. He’s long overdue for one.
  • Eww. DeShawn is shooting 54% from the free throw line this season.
  • Humphries has 10 points already! He’s scoring on wide open jumpers.
  • After Gerald Green free throws, the Nets lead by 4. The Nets are looking good so far.
  • The Nets took a train to Philadelphia. I can’t imagine why. I’ve been on the Philadelphia train line before and it’s not pretty and slow. I wonder who made the decision to ditch the bus.

Second quarter

  • MarShon Brooks substitutes in for Deron Williams. This means that Brooks will get another shot playing point guard. Let’s see if he can distribute the ball and avoid unforced turnovers.
  • The Deron Williams-less Nets are not faring well at all. It’s not all Brooks’ fault. Johan Petro is bricking running hook shots.
  • MarShon Brooks is playing terrible defense on Drue Holliday. He is also struggling to initiate offensive sets. He still is scoring at a nice rate, though.
  • Wow, Petro is throwing up some revolting shots. On one play, Petro received the ball from the 3 point line, dribbled hard to the basket, faked a pass, then shockingly hit a floater.
  • What an alley-oop by Gerald Green! #GreenMachine
  • The Nets offense has gone stagnant and the 76ers have gone on a 13-2 run.
  • Green buries a 3 with the first half expiring. Big shot. At halftime, the Nets trail 41-44.

First half statistics

  • For the Nets, no one has stood out. Kris Humphries leads the team in points (10) and rebounds (5). MarShon Brooks has 9 points, 4 assists, and 4 rebounds (triple double candidate?).
  • For the 76ers, no one has stood out either. They are out-rebounding the Nets 26-20.

Third quarter

  • Nets on a 6-0 run, have tied the game at 48. Deron Williams just took advantage of a lazy pass by Andre Iguodala.
  • As expected, this is a very lifeless game. The 76ers should be in desperation mode but they are definitely not.
  • Deron Williams’ shot has been ice cold all game.
  • Despite having a nice game, MarShon Brooks still does not have a good understanding of his defensive responsibilities and when he should shoot jump shots.
  • Gerald Green also makes some questionable decisions, Jordan Williams misses two lay-ups, and Deron Williams commits a bad turnover. It’s frustrating.
  • What a floater by Deron Williams!
  • Thaddeus Young is scoring way too often.
  • Armon Johnson was inserted into the game at the end of the third quarter. Why, Coach Avery?
  • It’s 66-63 76ers at the end of the third. The Nets have a chance to play spoiler.

Fourth quarter

  • It’s a close game in the fourth quarter and Armon Johnson is playing point guard. What is going on, Avery?
  • I completely forgot about Sundiata Gaines’ existence tonight. He does indeed exist and he has been benched in favor of D-League call-up Armon Johnson. This is very bad news for Sundiata.
  • MarShon is still making bad mistakes.
  • Big three by Gerald Green!
  • A Philadelphia fan with courtside seats is on his knees, in a praying position. Clearly, there is a little anxiety in Philadelphia.
  • It’s crunch time in Philadelphia. The game is tied at 80 with 4 and a half minutes to go in the game.

My live notes end here. I will discuss crunch time in detail in my recap later tonight.