Nets Vs. Boston Celtics Live Notes


Tonight, the Nets will be facing the Boston Celtics at home in Newark. I will post updates throughout the night, so make sure to check back here every so often throughout the game. Also, if you cannot watch the game, check here later on to see what you missed. 

1st Quarter: 

  •  There are so many Celtics fans here. The Celtics got more cheers when they made their first basket than the Nets did.
  • Deshawn just converted a 3-point play. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that this year. The next possession, he faked a 3 and drove to the rim for a layup. I’m shocked.
  • This game has actually been watchable so far. Both teams are playing pretty well, including the Nets.
  • Deshawn has already made 2 2-point field goals in this game. Coming into tonight, he was 6-23 from 2 this season. He has 1/4 of his 2-pointers for the season in the first quarter tonight. Wow.
  • Deron just had a very nice 3-point play after a beautiful assist to J-Will the previous possession. The Nets are playing well so far.
  • Another beautiful assist from D-Will to J-Will. However, Deron might have been injured on the play. Steisma fell on him and he complained and got a technical. This was not a bad technical, though. He was definitely fouled and was not a frustration technical as Deron is playing well tonight.
  • I don’t believe I’m saying this, but this is actually an entertaining game. The Nets are playing very well so far, especially on offense. Deron has been very involved early on.
  • At the end of the first quarter, the Nets lead 28-22. They have played very, very well so far, led by Deron Williams, who has 5 points and 8 assists. The Hump has 6 points and 4 rebounds, and Jordan Williams is 3-3 from the field and also has 3 rebounds. He is a great finisher around the rim. However, J-Will and Shelden both have 2 fouls. Petro played at the end of the quarter, but hopefully he won’t be playing too much more.

2nd Quarter: 

  • Petro vs. Garnett. I wonder who’s winning that matchup.
  • Marshon starts the second quarter at pg. Let’s see how this goes.
  • Petro has 2 baskets in the first 3 minutes of the quarter. Ian Eagle just said “French Floater”. Petro still doesn’t play defense.
  • Marshon is failing at point guard right now. The only two players who have taken shots since he has taken over are himself and Petro. Not surprisingly, the Nets lead has been cut to two and the Celtics are knocking on the door.
  • This is Mike Fratello’s final game this season broadcasting Nets games. I will definitely miss him.
  • Green just made an incredible move and great pass to a wide open Deshawn Stevenson. He had all the time he needed and shot it off the backboard. Typical.
  • The Nets are keeping their lead, even without Deron in the game. That is a very good sign.
  • The Celtics have their first lead since early on in the first quarter, 37-36. Deron is back in now, though. Hopefully he will turn it around.
  • Deron has already had so many assists to J-Will. He just threw a very easy alley-oop and there was no defense.
  • Buzzer beating 3 for Green to tie the game at 48! Great finish to the half.
  • At the half, the game is tied thanks to Gerald Green’s buzzer beater. It has been an entertaining half and both teams have played pretty well. Marshon has 7 and 3 assists. Deron has 7 and 9 assists. The Hump has 6 and 5 rebounds. J-Will leads the team in scoring with 8 and 4 rebounds in only 10 minutes. Green also has 8. It has been a balanced effort so far.

3rd Quarter: 

  • The Nets have gotten off to a bad start in the third and have not scored yet. Avery just got a technical. It seems like Deron and Avery always get technicals in the same game.
  • Deshawn Stevenson just broke Rajon Rondo’s ankles. Oh my god. Deshawn then bricked a mid-range shot.
  • The Celtics open the third on a 7-0 run. Timeout Nets. This game may be slipping away.
  • Gerald Green has taken a lot of shots already this quarter and hasn’t made too many of them.
  • J-Will has had a very good start to the second half. He is a capable NBA player.
  • Jordan Williams just arguably got fouled and Avery Johnson is very mad. He nearly got his second technical. He shouldn’t get thrown out of this game.
  • Green and J-Will lead the Nets in scoring today. Again, the bench is coming up big.
  • Another #GREENMACHINE dunk. I’m starting to get used to this, which is scary.
  • Avery Bradley just hit back to back three’s and the Celtics lead by 12. Timeout Nets.
  • That was not a good quarter for the Nets at all. The Celtics are up 74-61. The Nets only scored 13 points in the quarter and their shooting percentage plummeted. For much of the first half, their shooting percentage was over 60%. It is now 41%. Gerald Green took too many shots, but I don’t really blame him because nobody else was doing anything. Jordan Williams has had a great game. Avery Bradley is turning into a Nets Killer. He already has 16 points and he made 3 3’s in the third. I don’t think the Nets will be able to come back in this game.

4th Quarter: 

  • Sundiata is starting the 4th quarter over Armon Johnson or Deron. I don’t understand Avery sometimes.
  • Oh my Petro. Petro just toppled over while trying to get a rebound.
  • The Nets have opened the quarter shooting 1/8 from the field. Their shooting percentage is down to 38% and they are down by 15.
  • Morrow can’t make a shot. He has played very badly tonight. The Nets are down by 17 with 6 minutes left.
  • The Nets have scored 17 points in the first 18 minutes of the second half. In contrast, they scored 48 points in 24 minutes in the first half. The Celtics’ defense really picked up in this half and the Nets have not been able to get anything done on offense.
  • Pietrus just got a technical for arguing with The Hump. Why does everybody hate The Hump?
  • The Celtics are up by 17 with 3 minutes left. My live notes will end here. Make sure to check out my game recap shortly after the game ends.