Nets Vs. Miami Heat Live Notes


Tonight, the Nets will be facing the Miami Heat in Newark. Many of the star players in this game will be out including Deron Williams, Gerald Wallace, and Dwyane Wade. Make sure to check back here throughout the game for updates. If you miss the game, check here to see what you missed. 

1st quarter: 

  • The Hump opens the game with 2 jumpers. Nets lead 4-0.
  • Humphries has 10 of the Nets first 12 points in the first 5 minutes of the game!
  • The Nets open up the game with a 16-10 lead. Timeout Miami. I don’t expect this to keep up.
  • The Nets are playing very well so far. They are shooting at 63% and they are ahead by 7. This is very similar to the Celtics game and I don’t expect them to keep this lead at halftime. Humphries has 12 points and Marshon has 7.
  • At the end of the first quarter, the Nets lead 34-29. I’m shocked that they were able to score so much against one of the NBA’s best defense WITHOUT Deron Williams. I am very surprised. The Hump has 14 and Marshon has 11. Lebron has 8 points and 6 assists.

2nd quarter: 

  • The Nets are still somehow ahead by 5 points with 8 minutes left in the second quarter. Petro just tried to throw down a dunk with authority and got blocked by Joel Anthony. It would have been one of the Nets plays of the year if Petro had finished the dunk.
  • The Nets still don’t have a turnover in this game with 5 minutes left in the second quarter. This is unbelievable. The Nets are still up by 4.
  • The Nets just had their first two turnovers of the game leading to two Miami fast breaks. The Nets’ lead is at 1 and they called timeout. A good timeout by Avery. This may be the last time we see the Nets in the lead tonight.
  • HUMP DUNK!!! A baseline drive leading to a huge dunk.
  • The Nets are holding on to this 2-point lead. Humphries has 17 already.
  • At halftime, the Nets lead, 55-52. The Nets have been in control for most of the game and have been leading throughout, but I think the Heat will dominate the second half. Lebron has 14 and Bosh has 10 for Miami. Humphries and Marshon have 17 and 13 respectively.

3rd quarter:

  • The Nets had a good start to the half, but the Heat have cut the lead down to 2 and the Nets call timeout with 8 minutes left in the quarter.
  • Gerald Green just made his first basket, a 3. The Nets are now up by 9!!! Timeout Miami!!! The Hump has 21!!!
  • OH MY PETRO!!! Lebron just missed a fast break layup and Gerald Green hit a 3 to put the Nets ahead by 12!!! This is their biggest lead of the game. I still don’t think it will last, but they have played very well.
  • GERALD GREEN WITH THE BUZZER BEATER!!! Green had 11 in the third quarter after 0 in the first half. The Nets lead 79-70 after three quarters. Their lead was at one point 13 points, but the Heat cut the lead to 4. The Heat then had a couple of very bad turnovers, and the Nets capitalized with the Green 3. I still don’t think the Nets are going to win this game, but they have played very, very well through the first 3 quarters, again without Deron Williams. This would be an incredible upset if the Nets can pull off this win.

4th quarter: 

  • The Nets are hanging on, ahead by 6 points with 8 minutes left. Humphries has 26 and 7 rebounds. He has played extremely well. The Heat have missed a lot of makable shots so far this quarter.
  • The game is now tied at 82. Timeout Nets. The offense has stopped doing anything, thanks to Sundiata Gaines who just dribbles the ball up the court and holds it for 15 seconds. The Heat have still never led in this game, but they appear to be about to take their first lead with 7 minutes remaining.
  • With 5 1/2 minutes remaining, the Nets are still ahead by 2. The Heat have called timeout and Lebron is about to check back into the game to finish it up. The Heat have still never led, but I expect them to take the lead here.
  • Marshon with the basket! Nets lead is back up to 7! Even though the Nets have never trailed, I consider this a comeback. There is still over 3 minutes left and Miami can come back, but the Nets are looking good right now. They have gotten quite a few lucky rolls recently, while the Heat have missed some wide open shots.
  • It’s hack-a-Lebron time. The Nets have fouled Lebron 3 or 4 times in the last 2 minutes and he’s made all of his foul shots including an and-1 just now. The Nets still hold a 3 point lead, but it can disappear at any minute.
  • 1 point game. Lebron is taking over. Nets call timeout because their offense was doing nothing.
  • Lebron has scored 15 straight for Miami. They lead by 3. Sundiata just took a terrible 3, but the Nets have the ball with 13 seconds left. They have a chance to tie, but I think it is very unlikely.
  • The Heat are going to win this game. Check back with FRWD after the game for a game recap.