Nets vs. New York Knicks Live Notes


Tonight, your New Jersey Nets and Gerald Wallace face Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks. I will post my thoughts at the end of each quarter.

First quarter

  • Gerald Wallace is playing tonight despite being injured and this being a meaningless game.
  • The Nets were treated with raucous boos at their own arena while Knicks fans made a lot of noise for the road team.
  • It is early in the game and it is already clear that the Nets can’t keep up with the Knicks. Tyson Chandler and Carmelo Anthony are off to strong starts.
  • Carmelo already has 15 points on 6-6 shooting. It is only 5 minutes into the quarter.
  • The starting point guard matchup is sooo bad. Sundiata Gaines versus Mike Bibby.
  • The Knicks are absolutely dominating. It’s an 18 point game already! It’s time to prepare for a lot of garbage time tonight.
  • Oh my Petro!! What a ridiculous inbounds turnover.
  • End of the first quarter and the Nets are down by 16. That is terrible, but it could have been even worse.

Second quarter

  • Wow DeShawn! Nice three!
  • The second quarter already feels like garbage time. Neither team is doing anything at all.
  • The Nets do not look like the type of team that competed with the Miami Heat on Monday night.
  • The Nets are officially in “hanging around” mode. The Knicks have not extended their lead at all.
  • The Nets are making a run! 9 point game!!
  • Wow, what a sequence of events. DeShawn Stevenson took a contested corner three, bricked it, and the Knicks rebounded the ball. Such a joke. Then, Kris Humphries stole the ball and passed it to Gerald Wallace for the easy dunk. Good! But no one ran back to play defense and Carmelo Anthony had a breakaway. Then out of no where, the man who dunked the ball Gerald Wallace sprinted all the way back and fouled Anthony. Why is Gerald Wallace the only Net that is willing to run?
  • Wow, Carmelo is 5 for 5 from 3 land. He has 27 points at the end of the half. Ridiculous. Of course, the Nets can’t match that.
  • It’s 64-47 at the half after a Humphries buzzer beater.

First half statistics

  • For the Nets, Gerald Wallace leads the team with 9 points. Kris Humphries has 6 rebounds. Collectively, the Nets only have 9 assists.
  • For the Knicks, Carmelo Anthony has a whopping 27 points. Tyson Chandler has 12 points and 5 rebounds. They are 9 of 17 from 3 point territory.

Third quarter

  • Wow! Great start to the quarter by the Nets. They have officially eclipsed “hanging around” mode because they are actually threatening to tie the game.
  • Morrow, DeShawn and Gerald Wallace are carrying the team now.
  • The Knicks are playing terribly now. So many missed three’s.
  • 6 point game!
  • Gerald Wallace is getting rammed into constantly and immediately recovering. Are you sure you’re injured, Gerald?
  • Wallace has 4 fouls and has been benched. This is not good.
  • The Nets have not cut any further into the lead.
  • End of the quarter, and the Nets are still threatening to make the game interesting.

Fourth quarter

  • The Knicks are starting to take control of the game again.
  • J.R. Smith is getting way too lucky.
  • This is such a Nets game. The Nets are no longer threatening at all. They are not even in “hang around” mode. They are just doing nothing.

My live notes end here. Jonah will have a recap shortly after the game ends.