Nets vs. Bucks Live Notes


Tonight, the New Jersey Nets are without Deron Williams as they face Monta Ellis, Brandon Jennings, and the Milwaukee Bucks.

First quarter

  • There is absolutely no energy at the Bradley Center.
  • The Nets offense hasn’t gone anywhere on a few occasions but the Nets have gotten lucky on last second desperation shots.
  • Sundiata is getting very lucky.
  • No defense at all whatsoever in this game. Wow!
  • The Nets are shooting almost 70% at this point.
  • Ohhh my Petro. They are not getting back in transition consistently, surrendering wide open dunks.
  • So many turnovers, tipped balls, and fastbreaks.
  • What an end of the season, Nets-Bucks first quarter. There is a lot of scoring but this is not pretty to watch at all.

Second quarter

  • Ekpe Udoh tried an easy reverse dunk and was blocked by the rim.
  • Now it’s getting ridiculous. Get back on defense, Nets!
  • The Nets offense is very disgusting right now. No ball movement to be found.
  • Morrow and Green are hitting their midrange jumpers. This could become a theme.
  • Oh boy. Gerald Wallace just collided with Ilyasova and is having trouble getting up.
  • Wallace thankfully seems fine.
  • At the end of the half, the Bucks lead 53-42.

First half statistics

  • For the Nets, Gerald Wallace has 8 points and 6 rebounds. Sundiata Gaines has 9 points but zero assists. As a team, the Nets have committed 10 turnovers, generated only 7 assists, and have surrendered over 20 fast-break points.
  • For the Bucks, Brandon Jennings leads with 16 points and 5 assists. Ilyasova has 6 rebounds. As a team, the Bucks are 0-7 from three. They have only committed 3 turnovers.

Third quarter

  • Great sequence: Drew Gooden drives to the rim and tries to dunk over Kris Humphries. The Hump responded with a very emphatic “no”. Get out of here, Drew Gooden! Then, the Nets get an odd-man rush and Sundiata gets an and-1 on a lay-up. He misses the free throw.
  • Wow Sundiata! Yata gets a rebound and promptly chucks it down court. No Nets player is open but MarShon is able to catch the ball anyway and score.
  • I am watching the Bucks’ broadcast and the commentator just announced that the Philadelphia 76ers have defeated the Pacers in overtime. This makes it even more unlikely for the Bucks to make the playoffs.
  • The Bucks announcers think Gerald Green is Anthony Morrow.
  • WOW. Ersan Ilyasova is getting so many offensive rebounds.
  • The Nets are actually coming back and making this game close. I still think this has been a boring game, though.
  • As we enter the fourth, the Bucks only lead by 4, 73-69.

Fourth quarter

  • This is such a Nets game. The Nets have been in “hanging around” mode the entire game but they haven’t actually threatened to tie the game or take the lead since the first quarter.
  • MarShon has been very solid this quarter. Sundiata, not so much.
  • Brandon Jennings is going off. He is killing the Nets and putting them out of the game.
  • With less than 2 minutes left in the game, the Nets trail by nine. The Bucks lead 102-93.

My live notes end here. Check back later for our game recap.