Nets vs. 76ers Live Notes


Tonight, Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries, and the New Jersey Nets take on Louis Williams, Andre Iguodala, and the Philadelphia 76ers in the last ever NBA game to be played in New Jersey. I will post my thoughts throughout the game.

First quarter

  • Shelden Williams is out again tonight. Jordan Williams will start.
  • I have not been impressed with J Will so far.
  • Early in the quarter, the Nets are already down by 10 after the 76ers have gone on a 10-0 run.
  • The Nets have such a stagnant offense.
  • The Nets look to be in hanging around mode for quite a while.
  • Philadelphia is beginning to extend their lead. I really hope the last ever game in New Jersey isn’t a blowout with lots of garbage time.

Second quarter

  • This is such a Nets hanging around game.
  • The quarter is almost over already and the most interesting parts of it have been Ian Eagle’s commentary on Nets history.
  • I really wish the Nets didn’t have to start Sundiata Gaines.
  • Eagle jokingly told Jim Spanarkel that the YES video crew doesn’t like him, although in a normal tone. To protect himself from public misconceptions, I think Eagle should change his tone when making jokes.
  • End of the half and the Nets trail by 10, 53-43. I feel like the Nets have been trailing for almost the entire game.

First half statistics

  • For the Nets, MarShon Brooks has 9 points and Kris Humphries has 8 points 8 rebounds. As a team, the Nets only have 7 assists (largely because starting PG Sundiata Gaines has 0 assists.)
  • For the 76ers, Andre Iguodala has a game-high 12 points and Elton Brand has 10 points and 5 rebounds. As a team, the 76ers only have 2 turnovers. They also only have 16 rebounds collectively.

Third quarter

  • MarShon is having a nice game on the offensive end. He just scored on a creative reverse lay-up in transition.
  • Once again, this is such a Nets hanging around game.
  • Wow, what a rainbow 2 by Humphries. His feet were on the three point line.
  • Wow! A very loud Lets Go Nets chant!
  • The Nets cut the 76ers lead to 1, but Philadelphia is reestablishing themselves now.
  • The Hump already has 12 points and 12 rebounds. Yet another Hump double-double.
  • End of the third quarter, and the Nets are still in hanging around mode.

Fourth Quarter

  • Petro has opened up the quarter with 2 jumpers. I’m shocked.
  • The 76ers are back up by 10 and the Nets call timeout.
  • The Nets are barely hanging around. They are now down by 8 after being down by as much as 14. Petro has 8 points already in the 4th quarter! He has been making all his jumpers. However, he still refuses to play defense or rebound.
  • Petro just made the worst foul ever. He gave Thaddeus Young a wide open jumper and then Petro just ran him over for the and-1.
  • The Nets don’t seem to have any energy right now and are just in hanging around mode down by 9 with 3 minutes to go. Andre Iguodala may have just become injured.
  • Marshon turns it over and Holiday hits a jumper on the other end. Philadelphia is ahead by 11 with 2 minutes left and this game may be over.
  • Holiday with another jumper. This game is over.

My live notes will end here. Make sure to check back about an hour after the game for a game recap.