Jay-Z uses “The Black Album” as his blueprint for the Brooklyn Nets new identity


“All black everything. Black cards, black cars. All black everything.”

No, that’s not a quote taken from Jay-Z as he shared his vision for the Nets new identity with a room full of eager designers. Those are lyrics from his hit song “Run This Town”, but those could have very easily been the exact orders he barked out after being entrusted to perform the team’s much needed makeover.

An image of what appears to be the Brooklyn Nets (That is “officially” their name now by the way.) new logo leaked to the world this week. From what I have heard, the photo was taken by a contractor working at the Barclay’s Center. Isn’t it about time we start keeping an eye on these pesky contractors? Remember the “gentleman” who was a Red Sox fan working on construction of the new Yankees Stadium? He thought his name would be immortalized in Red Sox lore after he buried a David Ortiz jersey into the foundation of the Yanks beautiful, new home. I assume this bold act of douchebagery was meant to curse the storied Yankees franchise for years to come, much like his beloved “Sawks” themselves were cursed since the one and only Great Bambino left Beantown way back when. Would it have worked? Who knows? We certainly don’t know, and we never will either. At least that clown inadvertently taught us a lesson. When attempting a feat of this magnitude it is generally a good idea to avoid immediately spilling your guts out to the MEDIA, friends, family, the MEDIA, anyone that’ll listen, and the MEDIA as well (Can’t forget them…). These things typically spread rapidly, like wild fire. The Yankees were not going to take any unnecessary chances so they dug up the site where the beanhead claimed to have concealed the Big Papi jersey below the concrete. Sure enough, they found it and got rid of it (Hopefully by burning it as part of some strange ritual.). I believe they’ve won yet another championship since then, if I’m not mistaken. How’s the forecast up in Red Sox Nation? You mad, Boston?

Sorry, I get a little carried away sometimes. I need to cool down. Here… look at the photograph that the Nets front office does NOT want you to see while I retreat to my quiet place. Feel free to type amongst yourselves.

Could this be the top secret new logo the Nets organization tried to hard to keep hidden until April 30th?

Several moments later: Whew…okay. I think I’m good. Where were we? Oh, the logo. What do you think of it? I honestly love it. I love everything about it. I love the simplicity of it and how it manages to look modern without being a busy, complicated, eyesore of a design. You know exactly what I’m talking about. I do not want to put anyone on blast (Ahem! Dallas Mavericks! Ahem…) so I will simply say that certain logos have entirely too much going on, too much clutter. If I have to look at it for more than a split second to get the gist of it then it is a fail. This is supposed to be a symbol that signifies a team’s past, present, and future. It’s not a “Where’s Waldo?” picture or one of those computer generated posters that you have to stare at without blinking until your eyes lose focus and an image of a puppy holding a daffodil appears. I applaud the Nets on their choice. It is perfect.

As for the new (Supposed!) color scheme, or should I say the absence of color-scheme? Get it? Since Black and White are not technically “colors”? It sounded wittier in my head, never mind. Moving on. I was a bit surprised by the decision to go with Black and White. I was almost positive that “Jay-Z Blue” would find it’s way into the Brooklyn Nets new identity. I mean how could it not? Jay himself was heavily involved in this transformation, not to mention that the official colors of Brooklyn are Blue and Gold. Who on earth would have bet against blue being one of the main colors of pro ball in BK ?! You’d have to be crazy. Oh, wait…I mean you’d have to be “Cray”. I apologize for that. How embarrassing…

These Nets are going to attract a youthful fan base over in Brooklyn. Every kid is going to want to own a Nets fresh, black jersey. New Era is going to fatten their wallets thanks to the black, fitted, Brooklyn Nets caps with only the symbolic “B” sewn across the front. When I was a little dude, way before I really knew anything of significance about professional sports, I had an Oakland Raiders jacket. Am I a Raiders fan? Hell no. I bleed a different team’s colors. It ain’t easy being Jet Green, let’s leave it at that. As a youngster, I had no emotional ties to any team. I had years of adolescent development left before I could become mentally invested in a team, at least to the extent that my behavior could potentially cause occasional concern amongst my loved ones. The simple fact of the matter was the team colors and logo were the most bada$$ thing I had ever seen up to that point. The dominant black was irresistible, and the silver only strengthened the dark, intimidating essence that the uniforms exuded.I doubt things have changed THAT much since I was a wee tyke. I imagine there will be a lot of young NBA fans who are going to be seduced by these fearsome Nets uniforms. They will be a popular seller regardless of who is on the roster.

Ever since seeing this Black and White logo, I have been imagining what these new Net jerseys will actually look like. The image in my mind of this squad all decked out in black is one that transforms me into a giddy schoolgirl. I don’t know why I chose to go with “schoolgirl” over “schoolboy” either. “Schoolboy” makes a lot more sense on every possible level. Oh well, I can’t take it back now so let’s just bury it under the carpet and get back to those BK Nets. So….yeah. I am giddy, basically. That is, until I start picturing the Home white jerseys. I can’t seem to get excited about the pure white version of this club’s new look. How will they not look almost exactly like The Spurs in white? The bland Home-White jerseys make it difficult for any team to really wow their spectators with their collective look alone. There just isn’t a whole lot to work with. I have never understood why the NBA has the home team wear white, while the visiting team gets to wear their jerseys that feature their own, unique, team colors. The system the NFL has in place makes far more sense to me. I want to sit in my arena, my home turf, and watch my team reppin’ our colors. The visitors can wear white. The visitors SHOULD wear white. One game at a time. Same goal every game. A win is a win. Different opponent, same white uni’s. I know it’s not a huge deal, but things like this interest me. You know what else interests me? This picture of what appears to be unreleased Brooklyn Nets apparel that was just leaked today. Check it out below…

This photograph is responsible for as many questions as it is answers.

Nothing about this photo disappoints me. It captivates my desperate fanboy senses. The mystery surrounding it’s origin is interesting enough in it’s own right, this could very well be an elaborate fake (Much like that picture of Jay-Z wearing a Brooklyn Nets shirt at the top of the page. HINT: I suspect photoshop had a hand in that. Nothing gets by me.) created by a bored, internet troll, or by Team officials themselves, in an attempt to throw us off the scent of  the trail. I can only speak for myself here, but I really hope these leaks are authentic because I NEED that grey and black baseball tee (Pictured above, in between two different hats.) in my life. Every unused hanger in my closet is quietly praying that they will be the chosen one, the plastic hanger that is lucky enough, and fortunate enough to be blessed with the opportunity to serve as the support this GORGEOUS Nets shirt will use to hang motionless in my closet. I know it’s sad, but don’t take this away from me, ok?

The most interesting aspect of this photo is not what you are actually looking at, but the question it has innocently planted in my mind. “Do we NEED to have a Home-White jersey?” Seriously? I am not familiar with the unwritten (Or possibly written, but hidden somewhere I haven’t looked…) rules of this league. Nor am I familiar with the thinking behind having white jerseys designated to the home team, with the exception of a few rare occasions. I am, however, extremely familiar with the fact that the Los Angeles Lakers wear their trademark Yellow jerseys (Not a typo. The color is called “Yellow”, Laker fans.) at Home, and those Purple jerseys on the road. See what I’m getting at here? Neither of those are white. Before anyone tries to run their mouth and tell me about LA’s white jersey, let me go ahead and nip that in the bud beforehand. The white Laker jerseys are clearly their “alternate” uniform. The team will periodically throw those on a couple of times a year, as long as the mood is right of course. Anybody who has ever taken a lukewarm interest in the game of basketball knows that The Lakers wear either yellow or purple uniforms. End of discussion. This brings me to my intriguing question. Why doesn’t Brooklyn decide to follow the Lakers lead and assume the role of “Non-comformist”? I propose the Nets wear their soon-to-be trademark black uni on the road as expected…but at Home? Here’s where I take us off the beaten path, so hold on tight. At home, the Nets would wear (Drumroll please!)….wait for it…GREY UNIFORMS WITH BLACK FONT! Scroll up and look at the picture with the infamous shirt that has quickly taken over my life and my well-being. Imagine that same shade of grey replacing what would normally be white on an NBA Home jersey. Tell me that is not the perfect look for this new Nets team?! If you have ever followed the career of Jay-Z at any point during the last decade at least, then you can probably envision the image he is striving to obtain for this new era of Nets basketball. This new era for Brooklyn. Replacing the standard white with grey for the Home uniforms would allow Brooklyn to maintain the dark, menacing look they hope to cultivate while playing in front of the home crowd at the Barclay’s Center. It also sets Brooklyn apart from other teams that feature some black in their uniforms. San Antonio is the only true “Black and White” team if you ask me. I know Miami has a similar alternate, but when I think Miami Heat, I think about Lebron’s oft overlooked head band, the Unsung hero of Los Heat. Everyone wants to discuss what is poorly hidden beneath the headband, but they should be talking about what this headband is doing. It may not be filling up the stat sheets but it is constantly adapting to the embarrassing, little secret it covers, and it’s receding ways (Zing! Jokes, all day.). Have you seen how far back this headband is placed now?! Isaac Newton himself would look at it and ask “Dude…how do you get that to stay on  like that? Teach me gravity, Bron.”. Aside from the headband, when I think Miami Heat, I think of the color Red with black accenting it. If anyone is curious as to what the third image The Miami Heat  subconsciously evokes in my mind is, I will tell you. Emo Chris Bosh. Not Chris Bosh. EMO Chris Bosh. Look him up if you dare.

The jerseys worn by the Brooklyn Nets on opening night next season really do not matter too much in the grand scheme of things. White or Grey, prepare to forget everything you thought you knew about the team formerly known as the New Jersey Nets. The slate has been wiped almost completely clean. No matter who takes the court wearing BK black and white next season, whether they open Brooklyn up with all the right pieces in place, or the right pieces in place with the WRONG teams (Wake me when free agency ends? Or after Dallas has been burned to the ground, if need be.)…the identity of the Nets will be unrecognizable. Whether they assemble a championship roster now or in the next few years, they WILL reach that level. They now have all the advantages they sorely needed during the Kidd era. Let the rest of the world continue making their jokes at the Nets expense while they still can, once those brand new stadium lights illuminate the most awe-inspiring arena the basketball world has ever seen, introductions will be in order. America, meet the Brooklyn Nets.