Basketball Court Installed at Barclays Center


Barclays Center Court Design

Every few days we gain some more information about what the Brooklyn Nets will look like on opening night. First it was the logo, then it was the new arena, and soon will come the jerseys. Today, we got a look at what the new court at the Barclays Center will look like, and you can see it above.

The Nets didn’t do anything crazy with this court, and nobody expected them to. The paint is black and the semi-circle above the paint has no added color. The base lines and side lines are also black, along with the words “Barclays Center” written twice near center court. At center court, is the Nets “B” logo, with “Brooklyn New York” written in the circle around the B. I’m glad that they went with this center court logo instead of their other logo, the Nets shield. The only especially interesting detail in this court design is the color of the wood. It looks darker than most wood in the NBA and I’m not sure why the Nets decided to do this. I’m guessing that it was probably Jay-Z’s idea. The court looks very nice with the black seats in the background.

It is no surprise that the Nets didn’t do anything crazy with their court design. Jay-Z has always said that he wants a simple, classic logo, and he also will have a simple, classic court. We for sure won’t be seeing anything crazy-looking like the Raptors had last season. We will see the debut of this court when the Nets host the Washington Wizards in the preseason on October 15th, and the first regular season game will be November 1st against the New York Knicks.