Breaking Down Mikhail Prokhorov’s Comments at BC Opening


Billy King

Mikhail Prokhorov was in attendance for the Barclays Center ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday, and he had lots to say about the future of the Brooklyn Nets. According to Prokhorov, the Nets are still on the right track to a title by 2016, which is only three seasons away. When the Russian Billionaire bought the team almost three years ago, they were the worst team in basketball and haven’t shown much improvement since then, but Mikhail is confident that the Nets will turn it around this season. He is so confident that he guarantees they make the playoffs. Here are some of the best quotes for Prokhorov from today:

"“Every team has a grand plan, and we’re moving slowly, step by step, because it’s easy to make a strong team, but it’s very difficult to make a championship team. So we are on the right way and I’m expecting our championship within three years now.” “For me there is only one place: No. 1. And I’ll do my best in order to reach a championship.”“I’m very excited. As I already mentioned, when I saw it two years ago, it was a hole in the ground. It’s a dream, for me, what we see now. I think it’s the best arena in the world. I’m expecting a great rivalry with the Knicks.”“Not everyone, in their lifetime, gets to witness an event that changes a city. Maybe those who witnessed the building of the Brooklyn Bridge could say that. Barclays Center will be the heart of the Brooklyn borough. I assure you, we are bringing a team that is worthy of this great arena and this great borough.”"

Prokhorov is not backing off of his guarantee of a championship within 3 years from now, which puts a lot of pressure on Nets GM Billy King and head coach Avery Johnson. King was at the Barclays Center opening, and here were his responses to Prokhorov:

"“He said five (years), so we’re down to three. To me, it’s a great goal. I’d rather him say that than say, ‘Hopefully we’re going to win a championship at some point.’ That’s the goal, and I look forward to the challenge.”"

With the additions the Nets have made this offseason, the expectations in Brooklyn are very high. Here’s what King said when reporters asked him about how the Nets will be able to compete with the best teams in the NBA:

"“I leave that to you guys. I’ve never been one to say where we stack up. I think for the first time in my years for the Nets, every night going in I know we can compete with the opponent. I don’t think there’s one game I’d say, everything’s gotta go right to beat that team, and that’s what you want.”"

The Nets have high hopes for the coming season and their future in Brooklyn. Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City, was also at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. He likes the direction that the Nets are going, too. He said, “this is a great day for Brooklyn, and a great day for New York City!” The Nets have said and done all the right things in the offseason, and they have a beautiful, new arena to play in. The only thing left to do is win some basketball games.