The Top 10 Reasons Why New Yorkers Should Be Nets Fans, Part I


Around the FanSided network today, we will all be making “bests lists” where we write about the best 10 something’s from our team from 2012. Here at From Russia With Dunk, the season has only just begun and there were not many memorable moments from last season in New Jersey. Therefore, with the Nets moving to Brooklyn and invading the New York area, I thought it would be good to list the top 10 reasons why New Yorkers should become Nets fans, if they aren’t already. Enjoy!

10. Who doesn’t like to watch Gerald Wallace?

Gerald Wallace

Of all the players on the current Nets roster (or Knicks roster for that matter), nobody hustles more from Gerald Wallace. This guy never gives up on any play and chases down every single loose ball. He hits the floor harder than almost any player in the NBA and he is usually able to get up and continue playing. Just this weekend, after playing 50 minutes on Friday, he came back on Saturday and had another hustle-filled game. I believe he also leads the NBA in number of times jumped on top of the scorer’s table chasing after a loose ball. Wallace is really fun to watch.

9. The Knicks will break your heart again. 

Spike Lee

I know that the Manhattan Knicks have gotten off to a good start this season, but it is hard for me to believe that a team like that will actually be able to get out of the first round of the playoffs this year. Every sign points to a first round playoff exit. First of all, they have the oldest and one of the most injury-prone rosters in the NBA. Sure they have Carmelo Anthony, but who knows if any of their 35+ year old players will be healthy for the playoffs. Additionally, teams who love shooting 3’s typically don’t go very far in the playoffs. Teams like that can win a lot of regular season games, but in the playoffs, defense wins, and because of the Knicks’ age, their defense is bound to fall apart.

8. The black and white looks good. 

The Nets marketing team took a risk when deciding to make their colors a simple black and white, but it has paid off so far. Despite the Knicks playing well early on in the season, the Nets have been out-selling the Knicks since opening night, mainly because of the cool black and white look. Blue and orange are OK colors, but they remind me too much of the New York Mets, who have been one of the sadder franchises over the last 5 seasons. Jay-Z and the rest of the Nets have done a great job making this team popular again.

7. Avery Johnson’s interviews are amazing.

Avery Johnson

Avery Johnson is one of the best coaches in the NBA when it comes to giving interviews. He has a very high-pitched voice and has some favorite phrases, such as “we battled” after Nets games. He also likes making fun of some of his players, including Andray Blatche and Marshon Brooks. Here is a video from “The Association” of Avery at his finest. 

6. It’s only a matter of time before the return of Isiah Thomas. 

Isiah Thomas

We all know how terrible Isiah Thomas has been for the Manhattan Knicks. He was originally hired by the team in 2003 to be a basketball consultant and coached the team for 2 seasons beginning in 2006. During Thomas’s time with the Knicks, they gave out more bad contracts than anybody and were among the NBA’s worst teams. Eventually, the team fired him a few years ago, and he took a coaching job at Florida International. After leading them to a few terrible seasons, he was fired and has recently returned to the Knicks as a basketball consultant. Why does he keep returning to a fanbase that hates him? Because Knicks owner James Dolan must like him for some reason. Expect him to be a candidate for head coach if (or really when) Mike Woodson gets fired.

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