Brooklyn Nets vs. Chicago Bulls Series Preview

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Gerald Wallace


Brooklyn Nets: 

The Nets don’t have a single significant injury heading into the playoffs, which is great. However, they do have a couple of players who are banged up.

Deron Williams has been great since getting his second round of cortisone shots, but there is always a chance that his ankle could get re-injured.

Joe Johnson has looked fine in April, but he has missed a large handful of games since the all-star break with various nagging injuries.

Gerald Wallace recently missed a couple of games with a leg injury, but injuries are the least of his worries now. He needs to be concerned more with his lack of offense. 

Andray Blatche has recently been criticized by P.J. Carlesimo for needing to get in better shape. However, he is the only Net to play in every game this year. 

Jerry Stackhouse missed the entire middle of the season recovering from the first half of the year and getting fresh for the playoffs. The Nets are hoping he has enough juice left to play a couple of minutes per game throughout the postseason.