Brooklyn Nets vs. Chicago Bulls Series Preview

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Because of all the uncertainties in Chicago, it is very, very hard to predict who will win the series. So, keep in mind that these predictions are subject to change based on many different factors as the series moves along.

Game 1: Brooklyn 96, Chicago 93.

Game 2: Chicago 90, Brooklyn 78.

Game 3: Chicago 92, Brooklyn 91.

Game 4: Brooklyn 106, Chicago 90.

Game 5: Brooklyn 103, Chicago 97.

Game 6: Brooklyn 88, Chicago 85.

Brooklyn wins in 6 games. 

So there you have it. I think the Nets will struggle a bit early on in the series, but as long as Derrick Rose does not return, I think the Nets are the more talented team and they will eventually be able to wear down Chicago’s great defense.