Brook Lopez to Cleveland? It’s Possible.


The rumors of Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez possibly being traded appear to be back again.  After years of having his name involved in all sorts of deals, mostly involving a potential acquisition of Dwight Howard, Lopez’s name has not been thrown out in the last two seasons in potential trades.  Now, the circus may have begun yet again for him.

Just recently, Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio reported that he had heard Brook Lopez was very much available in trade talks.  The team he was discussing was the Cleveland Cavaliers.

First and foremost, this report is purely speculation.  It could prove to be true or false.  As Devin Kharpertian of the writes, “Lopez is not untouchable, like most players in the NBA, he can be had if an appropriate deal comes along.”

What if the Cavaliers did call the Nets with an offer?  Who or what could the Nets possibly get from the Cavaliers?

Let’s make this clear; the Cavaliers will absolutely not trade away the number one pick in the NBA Draft.

Next up, the Nets would likely try to pull a trade for point guard Kyrie Irving.  If this trade would happen, it would almost certainly signal the end of Deron Williams time with the Nets.  There have been rampant reports over the last year that there is a disconnect between Irving and the Cavaliers organization and that he may want out of Cleveland.

Irving has now been in the league for three seasons.  In not one of those seasons have the Cavaliers been close to making the playoffs despite playing in the weaker Eastern Conference.  He is now, though, a two-time All-Star with plenty of talent and potential for growth.  His ball handling skills are truly amazing.

It’s likely that Cleveland would want more than just Lopez for the No.1 pick of the 2010 draft.

If Brooklyn were to try acquiring some other young pieces, they could look at Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson and a first round pick.  Waiters is a scorer that could bring a unique punch to the Nets lineup off the bench with his athleticism.  Thompson is still a bit raw but has good athletic ability and can fit well into the Nets small-ball system.  He would likely play a very similar role as to Mason Plumlee; serve as a high energy big man who can play above the rim, rebound and alter shots on the defensive end.

The Cavaliers also have a few picks at their disposal.  In addition to the No.1 pick this year they also hold the 33rd pick of the draft.  For the 2015 draft, the Cavaliers could potentially have three first round picks.  The Nets could try to acquire one, or multiple, of those picks should the team decide to trade Lopez to Cleveland.

A final possibility would be if the Nets were willing to take on the contract of Anderson Varejao.  Part of the selling point for trading for Varejao would be that he has just one year left on his contract at a value of $9.7 million.  He is a very smart and very energetic player that opponents hate to go up against.  He, too, could fit well into the Nets system.

Theoretically, the Nets would use Varejao for a season and then let him walk after the season as they would have cleared up plenty of cap space.

The biggest problem with acquiring Varejao, as is with Lopez, is his health.  From the start of 2010-11 season to the end of the 2012-13 season, Varejao played in just 81 of 246 games for the Cavaliers.  Last season, he finally stayed somewhat healthy as he appeared in 65 games.   Also, Cleveland would likely have to add another player to mix so that the salaries could match up.

Again, this is all just possibilities of what the Nets could do.  If Lopez’s name is really out there, the Cavaliers are likely not the only team the Nets will hear from.