Brooklyn Nets: How They Can Trade For A Point Guard


According to, Brooklyn Nets general manager Billy King is concerned with the status of the current roster. He could make a trade, but where should he look?

We know this: the Brooklyn Nets aren’t against making a trade. The roster is strong, but it has holes that need to be filled and there’s always room for improvement. One of the areas that Brooklyn could be looking to improve is at point guard.

These are some trades that could net Brooklyn the type of help it’s looking for.


Mirza Teletovic is a fan favorite in Brooklyn, but this is a deal that is very likely to take place. The Nets have expressed serious interest in Will Bynum, and Teletovic’s name has been thrown around in trade rumors. The Nets now have, Bojan Bogdanovic who basically does exactly what Teletovic does, and Sergey Karasev is young and raw but the Nets have confidence in him. Bynum was just traded to the Boston Celtics last Friday in exchange for Joel Anthony, but the Celtics are expected either to trade or waive Bynum.


Again, I have Mirza Teletovic leaving Brooklyn via trade. Teletovic is 29 years old and the Nets have other players who are younger with a similar game. Ramon Sessions is a veteran point guard who could provide a big boost to the Nets off of the bench. The Nets have had rebounding problems, so why not bring back the master at that craft: Reggie Evans? The Nets traded Evans to the Kings last year, but bringing him back makes all of the sense in the world. He hustles, he’s a fan favorite and, most importantly, he’s a great rebounding big.


The Boston Celtics currently have point guards Rajon Rondo and Marcus Smart on the roster. Throw in guard Avery Bradley and Will Bynum appears to be the odd-man out. The Celtics are reportedly looking for trades to get rid of Bynum and if they can’t find any trades they will waive him. Getting rid of Marquis Teague would free up a point guard spot for the Nets and adding in cash would provide a little more of an incentive for the Celtics.


The Philadelphia 76ers are going to be historically bad this season. They don’t have a chance at winning much besides the draft lottery. It appears that the 76ers management will do anything to ensure the number one spot in the draft, so why not trade away talented point guard Alexey Shved? Shved would join fellow Russians Andrei Kirilenko and Sergey Karasev on the team. Russian owner Mikhail Prokhorov has always been a big fan of Shved’s.

Most likely scenario 

The Nets trade for Will Bynum using either Teletovic straight up or trading Teague and cash.

Least likely scenario

The Nets make a trade for a big name point guard. Any trade that the Nets make would most likely be for a backup point guard.

What’s also possible

The Nets don’t find any trades that interest them and decide to enter the season with what they have. Other scenarios include the Nets deciding to trade for a big man instead of a point guard or the Celtics waiving Will Bynum and the Nets cutting Jorge Gutierrez and/or Teague to get Bynum through free agency.