Five Reasons Why Nets Fans Need To Relax


The Nets have played in a mere nine games this season but it is never too early for fans to start panicking. Yes, some Nets fans are panicking over nine games out of an 82 game season. Don’t believe me then look here.

Some fans are calling for the head of new coach Lionel Hollins who is implementing a new system which will obviously take time for everyone to understand. In the words of Aaron Rodgers and recently Lebron James Nets fans ‘RELAX’ here’s why.

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Reason Number One: Insertion of a New System

The Nets have their fifth different coach in the last four years and it will take time for the players to all get on the same page with the implementation of this new system. Chemistry is a huge factor for all winning teams and once everyone knows what to expect from one another the Nets will perform at a higher level on the basketball court. This however will take time, but this is a veteran group so they will get the hang of it relatively quickly.

Reason Number Two: Bizarre Three Point Shooting 

The Nets lost their last two games of the road trip shooting a combined 4-for-34 from the three point line which would make you think that they were blown out in their last two games. The Nets actually had a chance to win each of their last two games late in the fourth quarter against the Warriors and Trail Blazers who are two elite teams in the stacked Western Conference. The Nets won’t struggle from behind the arc to that capacity every night and if they hit a few more three’s they very easily could’ve had a 2-1 road trip rather than an 0-3 one.

Reason Number Three: Veteran Experience   

The Nets have numerous veterans who have seen it all in the NBA and a 4-5 start to the season certainly won’t phase this group. Let’s not forget that the Nets started last season 10-21 and wound up 44-38 on the season which was good enough to finish 6th in the Eastern Conference. It’s early and the Nets will be just fine once everything comes into fruition.

Reason Number Four: Back At Home

After a grueling toad trip like this it will feel great for the players to get a nice Brooklyn welcome from their home town fans. The Nets return home and face the Miami Heat on Monday in a game that Miami’s best player Dwyane Wade might miss due to a lingering hamstring problem. The Heat play on Sunday so the Nets will catch them on the second half of a back to back than have another day off and welcome a familiar face Jason Kidd and his Bucks back home on Wednesday.

Reason Number Five: All Hollins Does Is Win

Most coaches are fired because their team is losing games, but Nets current coach Lionel Hollins was fired from his previous gig in Memphis after winning 56 games and taking his team to the Western Conference Finals. This Nets team has more talent than that Grizzlies team did which is why Nets fans should remain optimistic. This Nets team has ‘D-Will to win!’

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