Duo Of Jack And Plumlee Is Becoming Lethal


The Brooklyn Nets are on a three game winning streak and during that streak Mason Plumlee and Jarrett Jack have played great basketball and have led the team. Plumlee has had a double-double in each of the Nets last three games and he has a combined 54 points and 37 rebounds in 109 minutes of action. Jack has been starting at point guard in replacement of Deron Williams who was sidelined with a calf strain and Jack has played exceptionally well. During the past three games Jack has scored 59 points, 12 rebounds and 23 assists in 109 minutes of action.

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Both of these players have thrived in the pick and roll and it has helped out the Nets offense significantly. Coming into Sunday’s game verse the Pistons the Nets had only scored 100+ points in one of their last seven games. After having Jack and Plumlee start together for only three games the Nets have scored at least 100 points in each of those games. Jack is currently inked in on a 4 year $25 million deal while Plumlee is signed to a 3 year $4 million dollar deal. The two players that they replaced in the lineup are making far more money than that.

Brook Lopez’s contract is for 4 years $60 million while Deron Williams deal is for 5 years $98 Million. The combination of Jack and Plumlee are worth a combined $29 Million while the duo of Lopez and Williams are worth $158 Million. Money doesn’t always buy you happiness and Nets coach Lionel Hollins has shown that he doesn’t care about money or reputation, he’s going to play whoever is giving his team the best chance to win. With Lopez and Williams coming off of the bench the Nets might have the most expensive bench in NBA history.

Lopez and Williams are both coming off of an injury and Hollins is trying to ease them back into the rotation, but it will be nearly impossible for Hollins to change things up right now with the way Brooklyn is playing. Crunch time hasn’t been too kind to Williams during his tenure in Brooklyn. Whether it’s missed free throws or turnovers, Williams seems to press whenever the fourth quarter comes around. In Friday’s win over the Celtics, Hollins had Williams on the bench and Jack was the teams point guard in the end of a tight game.

Jack was big for Brooklyn down the stretch and he hit a big shot with 27.5 seconds left to put the Nets in front for good. Jack also hit some clutch free throws late in the game to help give Brooklyn a larger cushion. Jack finished the game with 27 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists and 10-10 from the free throw line. Plumlee had a typical Plumlee game. He hustled, played good defense and dunked over people.

Plumlee had 14 points and 12 rebounds to help extend the Nets win streak to three, which is a new season high. Plumlee’s atrocious beginning to the season is almost forgotten by most as his recent stretch of brilliance has given the Nets youthful energy and reason to believe in the present and the future. Jack and Plumlee both struggled as reserves and each one of them have found success since being inserted into the starting lineup. Jack’s ability to manipulate a defense in the pick and roll has led to a ton of open looks for Plumlee under the basket and Plumlee’s ability to finish down low keep defenders on their toes leaves Jack open for mid range jumpers and floaters which are the best parts of his game. These two have the hot hand for now. Might as well let it rock and see if this duo can keep up this success.

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