It’s Only A Matter Of Time Before Bojan Bogdanovic Breaks Out


Bojan Bogdanovic signed a three year $10 Million Dollar deal with the Brooklyn Nets this offseason and he had an immediate impact, being inserted into the starting lineup right away. Bogdanovic, recently went into a slump and he lost his starting job to fellow European Sergey Karasev. Bogdnaovic has struggled to adjust to the NBA so far and it shows in his stats. Bogdanovic is shooting 33% from the three point line and 41% from the field. Bogdanovic was a world class scorer in Europe so these recent struggles are not familiar to the 25 year old Croatian.

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Nikola Vucevic has established himself as a dominant big man in this league recently and in an interview earlier this month with Igor Marinovic of Sportske Novosti in Croatia, Vucevic was very confident that his friend Bogdanovic would make the adjustment to the NBA. Vucevic told Bogdanovic not to panic. He has seen first hand how good of a scorer Bogdanovic truly is and he is aware of what it takes to adjust from the Euroleague to the NBA. Here’s what Vucevic had to say.

"“Bogdanovic certainly is not accustomed to this pace because in Europe you do not play three, four or even five times a week. A crisis will be quite normal and expected, and it happens to the best. In the season you have 82 games and it is only natural that the two or three you play poorly. “I first met Bojan at the 2009 U-20 European Championship in Rhodes. By then I saw that he will be a great basketball player. He’s demonstrated it.”"

Being demoted from a starter to a reserve isn’t the end of the world for Bogdanovic because it’s rare for a rookie to start in the first place, so at least Bogdanovic gained that experience already. Those of you that watched Croatia go up against France in the Fiba World Cup saw what Bogdanovic is capable of doing on the offensive end, if you didn’t see the game here are Bogdanovic’s highlights.

Bogdanovic was doing most of his work in that game against Evan Fournier, Boris Diaw and Nicolas Batum. All three of those guys are NBA players and Batum is one of the best defenders in all of the NBA so that tells you what Bogdanovic is capable of providing for Brooklyn. Bogdanovic is struggling right now for Brooklyn but it is only a matter of time before Bogdanovic breaks out of this cold spell and catches fire for the Brooklyn Nets.

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