Garnett’s Head-Butt Symbolizes Brooklyn’s Feelings Towards Howard

Kevin Garnett

is known for getting under his opponents skin, but it is rare that he gets violent during his antics. On Monday night against the Houston Rockets, Garnett got into an altercation with

Dwight Howard

and just as Howard said to Garnett ” What you gonna do?” Garnett head-butted Howard on the jaw earning an ejection and a one game suspension.

Monday night’s game was Howard’s first at Barclays Center, a place that he wanted to call home for quite sometime and things never worked out. Howard had the chance to leave the Orlando Magic in free agency and he signed a one year deal to show his ‘loyalty’ and after that the Nets and Magic could never work out a trade. Billy King was so certain that Howard would be a member of the Nets that he started to build the team to best fit a core of Deron Williams and Howard. Nets fans haven’t forgotten about the Dwightmare and after the scuffle with Garnett, Howard was booed every single time that he touched the ball for the remainder of the game.

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Despite the Rockets winning comfortably, Howard had a mediocre game finishing with eight points and five rebounds in 28 minutes. Nets fans haven’t forgotten about what could have been and we are now three years past the Dwightmare and the Nets have never recovered. Howard is loving life with All Star James Harden in Houston and it’s the exact opposite scenario in Brooklyn. The Nets have now lost six games in a row and their core three might be broken up sooner rather than later.

The Nets have not been the same since 2012 when they found out that Howard would not be apart of their future plans and there is still no love lost. Kg and Howard have had their problems in the past and Monday’s fight was no different. Garnett usually messes with his opponents to get in their head but this instance with Howard seemed like he was genuinely angry. Howard told the media after the game that he thought it was all in good fun and apparently Garnett(who didn’t speak to the media) didn’t feel the same way. Howard was not suspended like Garnett, instead he received a $15,000 fine.

Howard said after the game that the negative reception from the Nets crowd didn’t bother him, but Howard clearly wasn’t the same player that he was on most other nights. The booing of Howard at Barclays Center might become a trend to show Howard that the Nets fans haven’t forgotten about the controversy during the 2012 offseason. Garnett’s head-butt symbolized how all Nets fans feel about Howard, what could have been never happened and now the Nets are approaching rock bottom with uncertainty about their future.

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