Brook Lopez’s Loyalty To The Nets Will Never Be Forgotten


Brook Lopez has been apart of the Nets organization throughout his entire NBA career and no matter what the circumstances have been, Lopez has shown loyalty to the team that drafted him with the 10th overall pick in the 2008 NBA draft. The Nets tried dealing the Stanford product for Dwight Howard in the offseason of 2012 and although it looked certain that a trade would happen, nothing ever happened and Lopez remained a member of the Nets. Whether it was going through a 12-70 season in 2010 or constantly being thrown around in trade rumors, Lopez has made it clear that he wants to be a Net for life and his loyalty to this organization has always been present.

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On Thursday night, even more trade rumors started to surface and Lopez’s name was the one being mentioned yet again. There was a three team deal on the table overnight waiting on the Nets approval for confirmation that would send Lopez to the Oklahoma City Thunder and Lance Stephenson to his hometown team the Brooklyn Nets. The deal appeared that it was going to happen and Lopez woke up on Friday morning unsure of whether or not he was ever going to play another game in a Nets uniform. Rumors spread all morning long, but the Nets said that they weren’t going to make any deals before their game on Friday and that meant that Lopez would have at least one more chance to play in a Nets uniform.

Lopez had no comments before the game about the trade talk and it appeared that Lopez was rattled in the first half of Friday night’s game against the Wizards as he had only one point to go along with three fouls. The Nets were ahead by three at the end of the first half and Lopez was determined to have a more impactful second half and Lopez flat out dominated the Wizards. Lopez had 25 points in the second half to finish with 26 on the night in only 23 minutes of action. Brooklyn walloped the Wizards 102-80 in the first game of a home and home and with all of the trade rumors still swirling around that may have been the last game that Lopez played in a Nets uniform.

“We were just focused on going out there and getting a win.” -Brook Lopez

Knowing that your name is being talked about in trades while you’re playing on the court would be enough to distract most players but not Lopez. Lopez’s main focus was getting a much needed win to put an end to the Nets seven game losing streak and that’s exactly what Brooklyn did in Washington on Friday night.

Lopez still wants to be a Net for life and he made that known after the game. “I like being here. I’ve been here my whole career. I’m kind of partial to it now.” Lopez said. In July of 2012 Lopez was being heavily mentioned in trade rumors and this quote from him back then shows how loyal this man has always been to the Nets organization. “The Nets are the only place I want to be, I want to be a Net for my entire career.” Lopez said.

Lopez is the only remaining player from the Nets 12-70 season and if he’s traded that would leave Deron Williams as the only other player to be with the team in both New Jersey and Brooklyn. Lopez’s heart will always be with the Nets and even if he’s traded Nets fans will always welcome Lopez back to Barclays Center with open arms. The harsh reality of the NBA is that it’s a business and especially nowadays players are more focused about winning titles and getting more money than everybody else, so the level of loyalty has dissipated. If Friday’s game was Lopez’s last as a Net he certainly left on a positive note. No matter what happens and where Lopez ends up, he will always be loved by the Nets organization and fans.

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