Will The Nets Stand Pat Or Make A Trade?


The All Star break is finally upon us and the Brooklyn Nets are 10 games under .500 with a record of 21-31. The Nets were playing superb basketball last week but after gathering 3 wins in a row, Brooklyn followed up with 3 losses to go into the break on a sour note. Nets General Manager Billy King will have a tough choice to make during the All Star break. He has to decide whether or not to break up the team’s core of Deron Williams, Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson or to keep the core intact for one last potential playoff run.

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There is no guarantee that if the core remains intact that the Nets will make the playoffs, the Nets are currently the 9th seed in the Eastern Conference. they are 1.5 games behind both the Charlotte Hornets and the Miami Heat. Making a trade wouldn’t automatically eliminate the Nets from the playoffs, because Nets management has made it clear that they want a player in return that can help them now and in the future. Today Adrian Wojnarowski was interviewed by Evan Roberts and Joe Benigno and he spoke about the latest in regards to potential Nets trades.

"“It’s too soon to tell, Evan. I wish I had an answer for ya. Their talks with Denver, they haven’t reconnected on Lopez in well over a week, almost two weeks, at least 10 days, they haven’t spoken to Denver. That may start up again. Denver is engaged with a bunch of teams on a few different guys that they have.“Deron Williams? That contract, if you suspected you’d be unable to move it, you know now that you’re not moving it with the money left on his deal and the state of his game right now. It’s not going to happen.“Joe Johnson? I don’t know. That’s a lot of money for somebody to take on. Charlotte did have interest, but you’ve seen Charlotte now go out and Arron Afflal is a less expensive alternative as a rental at shooting guard and you’ll see teams going after him. Joe Johnson just makes so much money.“So I think Lopez would be the one possibility. and Oklahoma City, I think they still have interest in Lopez but they have not re-engaged. That could start up again possibly, but Oklahoma City was pretty adamant on ‘here’s the package we want to do for him.’ They didn’t want to give up any more. Now, they may feel differently at the trade deadline but maybe they get the Nets involved in a three-way or maybe a four-way, a bigger deal but that stuff hasn’t started to develop yet. I’m sure it will here now. Over the weekend, you’ll see a lot of executives are here n New York. A lot of them will be over at Basketball without Borders, looking at the young international prospects and that triggers conversations again with people.”"

Wojnarowski also stated that as long as Mikhail Prokhorov owns the Nets Billy King’s job is safe. Lance Stephenson is a name that continues to be mentioned as a potential guy that the Nets can end up with.

Although the Nets will be active shoppers during the All Star break coach Lionel Hollins expects to see the same group of guys that the team has right now.

Time will only tell what will happen but it is clear that Brooklyn is on the market to make a trade or even more before the trade deadline. The Nets seem to lead the league in reported trades that never happen and they have already have had numerous trade offers leaked to the media and nothing has happened. The one thing that appears clear is that Brook Lopez is the most likely member to be traded due to his value.

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