Should The Nets Go After Enes Kanter?


The Brooklyn Nets are 10 games under .500 at the All Star break and they are rumored in numerous trades that are surfaced around either Deron Williams, Brook Lopez or Joe Johnson. The Nets aren’t looking to totally rebuild, the hope for management if they make a trade is to acquire a player that can help the team now and in the future. The main name that has been rumored in trades to end up in Brooklyn has been Lance Stephenson. Stephenson is a Brooklyn native who has stated in the past that he wants to play for the Nets at some point in his NBA career.

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Enes Kanter

expressed his desire to be traded after the Utah Jazz lost to the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday,


feels slighted by a lack of minutes and his agent said on Thursday that there is a “lack of investment in his development.” Kanter is only 22 years old and the 3rd year center from Kentucky has shown a massive amount of potential when given playing time. Kanter is averaging 13.8 points and 7.8 rebounds per game this season(both career highs) in only 27 minutes of action.

Kanter is only 6’11” and 245 pounds which is undersized for a center, but he makes up for it with his soft touch around the rim. Kanter also has a pretty solid vertical and earlier this season late in a close game, Kanter spun and dunked over Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah to give the Jazz a late fourth quarter lead.

The main reason that the Nets are shopping Brook Lopez is because of his injury history and mainly because he would get the most in return from a team trading for him. Kanter’s game reminds me of a smaller, younger, less injured and more athletic Brook Lopez, both guys have a soft touch round the rim and both Lopez and Kanter do most of their damage on the offensive end. Acquiring Kanter would make the Nets younger and it would make all the sense in the world because Kanter has improved every season and at 22 years old he is nowhere near his prime.

The only problem is that the Nets have not publicly expressed interest in Kanter and the Jazz would most likely be looking for draft picks and young assets. The Jazz have committed to Rudy Gobert as the center which is the main reason Kanter wants out of Utah. There are a ton of teams interested in Kanter and it would be very difficult for Brooklyn to acquire Kanter, but they should at least offer something to the Jazz because you never know what can happen.

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