Would Trading For Lance Stephenson Help Or Hurt The Nets?


We asked you the fans to tell us if you think that acquiring Lance Stephenson would help or hurt the Nets and instead of me giving my opinion about it, I’m going to let you the fans take over and tell us what you think.

"Alex Karasev Mushalla: Help, every team needs a little bit of crazy.. Especially this one.Jake Thoden: Help because he’s athletic, exciting and has heart. Three things that this team doesn’t have.Con Dakis: Hurt at the beginning, but I think he would step up eventually.Ty L: Listen, we’re a mediocre team we’re not winning a championship anytime soon. And settling for a 2nd round appearance every year isn’t gonna cut it. Rebuild with him and Plumlee and hope he thrives in his hometown.Sean King: Help. Summer of Kd is near, we need talent to attract talent.Alexander Christopher Morales: Help. Bring a fresh of energy and crazy to the team. Need a new face to build around, this DWill thing isn’t working.Cornelious P. Giles: Accruing Stevenson would hurt the Nets. His numbers aren’t good this season, he is talented, a good player, a future 6th man at most but being from Brooklyn and having the distractions of home and friends will impair his judgement. Also having those friends around can lead to partying and him managing there issues. Then the pressure of being home he isn’t mature. Marbury didn’t do well playing in the Garden and he is better than Lance was. Lance has to be away from home to be all he can be.Shanuther Redden:  I would say help. This team needs something. He needs something. I’d take a shot, at this point.Gray Gatsby: Help– defense, athleticism, toughness and swagger. The last 2 being infinitely more important.Nate C. Maniago: I’d say both help and hurt. He can be comfortable playing and repping his hometown for help, immaturity is all I see hurting the team, but most likely I’ll vote help the team.Leland Lelo Osbourne: Help- youth, athleticism, defense on the perimeter, rebounding(which could help since we lack it at other positions), another ball handler, toughness, not to mention a movable contract in case it doesn’t work out.Orlando Velez Sr: I think it would help but I also think it’s a gamble. Brook is playing good right now but who’s to say his feet won’t start acting up again? Lance has a history of being a head case and might be not be able to handle playing in New York. Whatever Billy decides, I hope it’s the right decision.Luis Lindao Help, Getting rid of horrible contracts, Lance is young and with the potential to be a star, even if he’s a bust we can just let him go, doesn’t affect 2016, gets us decent role players, finally gets us moving towards the future.Dawn M Risueño: Have any of you been reading any of the articles out there??? There is NO market for Lance. Billy also is using the same approach as Phil chemistry.He’s not mature enough to play in front of his hometown. Look at JR. smith and Marbury. Lance is not our savior so why is everyone so thirsty for him to come here. We still have time to turn things around with what we have. If we add Dray who we know can actually play and is a fan favorite it might help us out. With the East still weak we have a chance to still be in it."

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