Will The Brooklyn Nets Make A Trade?


The NBA Trade Deadline is on Thursday at 3 PM ET and the Brooklyn Nets still have not made a trade. Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson have been mentioned in numerous rumors but no deals have gone through and as far as we know right now no deal is intensely being discussed. The Pistons inquired to the Nets about Joe Johnson on Tuesday, but the package of Brandon Jennings and expiring contracts that Detroit was offering didn’t interest the Nets.

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Brook Lopez has drawn interest from teams around the league and the Oklahoma City Thunder are the most interested team in Lopez at the moment. Oklahoma City’s General Manager Sam Presti has always been a fan of Lopez and with his team in dire need of a low-post presence this might be the perfect opportunity for him to pull the trigger and acquire Lopez. Lopez is the most likely member of the Nets to get traded by the deadline and it is still unknown if he will be a member of the Nets on Friday when the Nets take on the Lakers.

The Nuggets are also a team that has shown interest in Lopez, but the interest is nowhere near as prevalent as it is with the Thunder. The Hornets were interested in Joe Johnson, but the Nets had no interest in the piece that they wanted to get rid of Lance Stephenson. Stephenson was born and raised in Brooklyn and he has expressed his interest on several occasions of wanting to play for the Nets, so a revival in discussions between these two teams could re-emerge.

Deron Williams has not drawn serious interest from teams due to his massive contract and his steady supply of injuries. The only team that I could see taking a chance on Williams is the Kings, but when these two teams were talking a while back, the Kings wanted Mason Plumlee along with Williams and the Nets have no interest in relinquishing Plumlee. Unless the Kings have a change of heart don’t expect a deal to happen between these two teams, but the Nets will take any offer seriously that involves Williams because he is the only member of the “Big 3” whose contract would affect the teams cap space in the summer of 2016.

The Nets are open to making a trade if presented with the right offer, but they have shown no signs of urgency or desperation to give up anyone on their team for nothing. Teams have tried low-balling the Nets in hopes of having them panic and simply dumping one of their players contracts, but Brooklyn is trying to acquire a piece in any trade that will not only help them in the future, but also right now. We will soon find out whether or not a deal is made. The deadline is getting closer and closer.

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