About Time “Los Nets” Jerseys Arrived


The title “Los Nets” will finally make its long overdue appearance next season.

According to a picture posted by Chris Creamer of Sports Logos Net unveiling all the uniforms either being debuted or brought back to life across the NBA next season, one of the newer variations includes a black Brooklyn Nets jersey that features the Spanish translation of “The Nets” (for the 110% Spanish-challenged).

The jersey is sure to be worn as part of the league’s Latin Nights program in February, during which a number of teams will celebrate the NBA’s budding support from both fans and players throughout Latin American nations and Hispanic communities here in the U.S.

For the Nets, paying tribute to Hispanic heritage was something that should’ve initially taken place when the team moved to Brooklyn back in 2012. The neighbor New York Knicks have been breaking out “Nueva York” jerseys for as long as anyone could remember – and will do so again next season according to the photo – which makes perfect sense with the state’s surging Hispanic population, particularly in the Knicks’ home of New York City.

But it’s as if sometimes we tend to forget that Brooklyn is a component of New York City. Despite all the suburban youth migrating to Brooklyn and the massive redevelopment taking place, numerous sections of the borough remain characterized by Hispanic communities represented by Puerto Ricans, Dominicans and a variety of other Latin ethnicities.

That’s something the collaboration of the Nets and the NBA has willfully chosen to ignore over the years, which has always been a great shame. A large portion of Brooklyn’s DNA is embedded with Hispanic culture, so why ever conduct business without acknowledging such presence?

To do so would be a travesty.

Brooklyn is more than just a Hipster Kingdom. The rest of the country deserves to know that.

It took the NBA and the Nets a while to figure this one out, but I guess better late than never, right?

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