Predictions For Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

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Defensive Specialist

When talking about perimeter defenders, there wasn’t another player that is better than Hollis-Jefferson in this year’s draft. The defensive side of the floor is where his energy and intensity are evident. In a league with players such as LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and James Harden, Hollis-Jefferson will give the Nets a viable option defensively to at least cause them problems.

His 7’0.5″ wingspan helps him contest and block shots. In the 10 games during summer league, he tallied eight blocks, which is pretty impressive considering he’s 6’7″ and not spending much time on defense playing around the rim. Hollis-Jefferson gives maximum amount of effort it seems like on every possession. For instance at Arizona, his assigned man would often have trouble entering the ball into the low-post from the wing because Hollis-Jefferson would extend his arms in the passing lanes while pressuring the ball handler. Little things like that can wear any opponent down over the span of a 48-minute game.

Hollis-Jefferson will also help in terms of transition defense for Brooklyn. Need an example? Here’s one.

Brooklyn ranked 24th in the NBA with a 105 efficiency rate last season, a number that Hollis-Jefferson alone should help improve next season. He was already voted as best defender by his fellow draft mates in a survey that each player had to complete. had been comparing Hollis-Jefferson’s game to Bruce Bowen, who was an elite defender for the San Antonio Spurs. Hollis-Jefferson bring more athleticism to the table than Bowen did, but Nets fans would be happy if he matched his defensive ability.

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